Posted by: CarolAnn | December 22, 2009

Old Man Winter

"Sleigh Ride" - Mixed Media Art by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

Ivory powdered ice crystals
like magical twinkling Novas
Gently cascade like grains of sand
through a frosty Casanova

Lightly kissed with an effervescent gleam
are winter’s prickly pines and green holly trees

Breaching our ruddy lips and cheeks
Cold is the air as it hurriedly wisps by
And down through glistening valleys
frozen ponds are covered nigh
with skaters, children’s’ laughter,
and a sea of sparkling white

And in the throes of frosty cold
in mystical, dazzling review
as families gather in celebration
Old Man Winter makes his subtle debut

Old Man Winter
By CarolAnnB – Social Media Sorceress & More

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!

Santa Claus - Mixed Media Art by Carolann Bailey-Lloyd



  1. Reblogged this on CarolAnnB – Insight, Philosophy, Social Media & More and commented:

    Aw yes… missing the snowy season here.

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