Posted by: CarolAnn | January 5, 2010

The Wall of Illusion

For some time I’ve pondered ways to broach the subject of illegal immigration. After all, it is a hot-trigger topic. Not everyone agrees that illegal immigrants should be in our country; thus, the “need” for a physical barrier to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States. Unfortunately, the growing wall of illusion continues to perpetuate racism and hatred among Anglo-Saxon “Americans” who don’t want “that kind of people” in our country.  Five thousand migrant deaths have been attributed to the Great Wall of America over the course of the last 13 years.  Some individuals might say that “they shouldn’t have been crossing the border.”  That may well be true, but the question that I have is why is there a wall on the south side of the US, and not a wall on the north side?

Our misguided ideologies as to what “types of people” belong in this country have boggled my mind since I was just a small child. When I was little, I didn’t see colors as barriers, merely unique individuals.  Why in the world would anyone want to build a wall spanning the entire Mexico-US border to keep migrants out of this country? What right do we have, coming from an entirely mixed and diverse background of ethnicities to suggest such a feat? None (of us) can truly say that we are “100 percent Americana.” In fact, if you’re like me, you’ve got a mixed porridge of people in your ethnic background. My genealogy, for example includes Native American Cherokee, German and Irish. I’m not 100 percent bonafide Anglo-Saxon and I don’t think I’d want to be if that’s the prerequisite for living in this country. What a boring Nation this would be if we were all just one type of people.

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Republican US Representative Duncan Hunter became the equivalent to Stalin’s “Berlin Blockade” when he called for construction of a barrier along the entire US-Mexico border in late 2005. Who rolled over and anointed him “God?”

The economy of Mexico is floundering. The Native Americans of Mexico are scraping the bottom of the barrel just to stay alive. Enter in the wealthy, Anglo-Saxon men of America…who own large construction companies, farms, and other industries. They stand on the inside of the border waving a pass to migrant workers willing to work for pennies on the dollar because of sheer greed. To the immigrant, these ungracious jobs are a godsend. Suddenly, there’s a light at the end of the proverbial abyss of darkness. And what do they get in return for their utter slavery? Jail time or a one-way ticket back to the place from which they escaped poverty.

What right do we have as people from all backgrounds to hold prejudice against the “brown people?” Yeah, I said it: brown people. The fact of the matter is that while America is still by far considered the “land of opportunity,” it should reflect its motto. This has not been the case for people of color. Only if you are an Anglo-Saxon (Caucasian) does this motto apply. Shamefully and regretfully, we have still not overcome our intolerance and prejudice of people of color. So the wall of illusion grows and grows. Today, radical tea party activists continue to perpetuate this hatred by organizing rallies against amnesty and illegal migrants.  Perhaps they will start doing the jobs that most Anglo-Saxons don’t want to do like picking tomatoes, collard greens and strawberries in the dead heat of summer. Of course they can also take over the construction work that requires hard labor in all types of inclement weather.  But…they must also perform this work under the constant scrutiny of law enforcement officials, slave-work conditions, and for peanuts a day.  I’ve got to hand it to the migrant workers; they’ve got a lot of stamina and willpower to survive under these circumstances.

The Great Wall of America is merely an illusion. As long as there are rich, white, old men with big companies, the necessity of cheap, slave labor will stay in demand.

Just my two cents worth…peace

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The following video sums up my feelings on humanity and the plight of today’s Native Americans:



  1. finally this is some amazing stuff you have doing a project in school about how we should go about illegal immigration and i telll everyone it is nothing but the riche tyrants finding out ways to abuse poverse people and then exploit them and while exploting them to make them selves look good what do they do complain and remove all the hard working people that they tricked in the first place most illegals have more honor then anyone else this day because they come for family they come against all odds and dont even ask that much they deserve a hand shake ive done the work they do for cheap pay working hours on end for a couple bucks and its not fun but u learn how much more meaningful life is with out all that consumerism that get shovled down americans throats all day people are blind will they ever see i dont know but thank you for putting something good for me to read for my project sorry for all the improper sentences and stuff but i was just excited to read this and needed to respond stay in touch

    one love
    michael alexander

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