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The Persecution of Truth

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Truth is an ugly word. Not really; but it is hard to digest. Culture and socioeconomic variables (of that culture) often dictate what variation of truth is acceptable. In religion, truth is owned by the customized perception of the preacher, pastor or priest who orate the word to “feed his flocks”. In business corporate climates, the truth is sometimes what lies beneath the “bigger picture” to protect those revered for power over ethics. In family units, the truth is swept beneath the historical rug to hide secrets no one dare speaks. In social circles, the truth is frequently rejected to exonerate those for whom we have an emotional attachment – and for lack of a better words, to protect face over fear of being shunned or less popular or unaccepted for doing so. The reality is that the liars, cheaters, bullies and haters of the world are given the license to continue their victimization. Their sense of power is worshiped, beloved and revered because they are who they are. Their victims, perceived to be weak, feeble and too emotionally frail to tolerate the victimization. Character building, it is not. When light is shone on malicious actions, the aftermath is never pretty. After all, a pile of dung can be covered up, dressed up, or painted up; but it is still a pile of dung. The stench of truth may linger for days, weeks, months or even years. It takes as long as the persecutor denies that reality, for those around him to accept it and move beyond it.

Just is Justice

In truth, there is no right or wrong. Not good or bad. It simply either is or it is not. Facts are facts. Regrettably, the truth is seen as a dirty messenger. The beautiful bright light we all genuinely desire to see and believe may not quite be the brilliant star we thought it was. This is unacceptable! How dare someone tell the truth! No one wants to be the person who speaks up. It is a scary, insecure place to be against the odds. It takes courage. It also means that others will see the victim as either the enemy or the hero. Suddenly, the smooth conveyor belt has a hiccup. It is not flowing or productive. It stagnates in its own imagined state of immobility.  It seemingly invokes dissension, disruption, and a ripple in a stream. Sociologically, truth is the shock wave no one wants to embrace. It can hurt. It can “feel” bad. And it can destroy relationships with things and people…money, friends, family and/or colleagues. Again, there is no right or wrong. It just is justice.

White Collar Crimes


Think of recent financial institutions and partners to those monetary organizations 1, 2 that employed unscrupulous and unethical (and illegal) business practices; which continued for nearly a decade without exposure. Cases in point, over 5,000 employees were fired for practices encouraged by one CEO. According to Huffington Post 2, he “…regularly touted the bank’s aggressive sales practices in earnings calls with shareholders. His rosy, but completely false reports of increased accounts per customer boosted the Wells Fargo stock price, which increased by about $30 per share over the past four years.” This unethical and illegal practice led to mass loss in employment, deceit to taxpayers, and overall, tarnishing the bank’s reputation. Was it worth it? How many in his inner circle covered up for him? Revered him?

Shielding Winners


Or look at another past criminal case, were bullying and molesting was tolerated because the popularity of the coach outweighed the plight and destruction of young boys’ lives. It took nearly two decades before the Jerry Sandusky case 3 went to trial; and even then, his staunch supporters still loved and honored him (and several covered up for him). However, the institution was clearly not so keen on this story breaking. Despite the cost to ruined lives; it made waves to a quiet college community, and affected a heavy financial burden and reputation damage to the historical school, itself. Was it worth it?

There are countless other “truths” that have become known throughout history – both personally and professionally across the ranks of society. There is not always an equal playing field for the ethical and weak when the cards of power are stacked against them. Nevertheless, here is the raw and unbridled truth; there is no lie that will not be revealed. Eventually, the truth comes to surface. The resulting effects of that revelation may not always be the planned ending. Victims are frequently attacked for opening an old wound, and are assaulted with words and whispers. But the higher moral ground belongs to the hero who understands and accepts the truth, reveals the evidence of that truth, and ensures the truth – regardless of the perception of that truth. To live a lie to protect the powerful or popular is to be a slave to the same. Truth is the highest altruistic virtue – and revealing the truth is the key to set one (or many) free.  And that my friends, is a fact.

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An Open Letter to the Electoral College-Choose your Legacy

Close your eyes. Imagine just for a moment; you have the opportunity to shift the course of history. Breathe. Now look into the eyes of your son or daughter, or grandchild. When you do, search their eyes for their dreams and hopes. Know that you – and you alone – hold the key to America’s tomorrow. What do you see? Set yourself aside, and think about what your aspirations are for your children, your children’s children. What is your sincerest desire for your own mother or father? Where do you see the people you hold most dear in your life? What does the destiny you choose today hold? What fate are you choosing for tomorrow?


How will you be remembered?

History can be a great teacher, but an unforgiving and painful critic. Yes, the winners always write the history books, but historical forensics always exposes the truth. Your grandchildren’s children will know you by name. They will know you were the one who shaped their present and their future. Though you may no longer be around in that distant tomorrow, everyone both here and abroad will know you. Either they will despise you and the legacy you have left them, or they will laud you for being the one who made the difference. The legacy you choose to create now is entirely up to you.

1201-ladylibertyDo you know this legacy? In 1883, American poet Emma Lazarus wrote “The New Colossus” in an effort to raise funding to build the very foundation on which the Statue of Liberty is perched still today. Emma’s sonnet…her legacy for America’s tomorrow is still true today; and it is the very foundation for what America is revered and for which it has stood the test of time:


Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.


“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


Emma understood Lady Liberty’s message to the masses; she rebuked the pompous and self-important. She welcomed all those less of thee who dared dream, who dared to be a visionary in a young and budding land.


E Pluribus Unum – Choose

Can you envision a future where bigotry and hatred becomes as American as apple pie? Will you be the one who stands idly by to watch America’s demise? Will you be the one that builds the road to ruin and an uncertain future that demoralizes the poor, the hungry, the weak and the sick? Does your American future include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or will it become a distant memory in the annals of history? Does your tomorrow eradicate humane programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Disability? Would you stand in silence and condone an America that has no compassion for the hungry, the homeless and jobless? To honor the home of the free and the brave, America must belong to our children and our children’s children. It must promise a future of hope, a message of humanity, and a tomorrow that unites and does not separate us.


Do your bidding but know the world is watching. Know that history will judge you. Know there is still time for you to lead. Yes, leaders must adjust the sails when the winds grow strong and weary. Now is the time for all good men (and women). Make Emma proud. Be the legacy. Leave a past that shall be honored; and our future, the America for which the New Colossus was built.


An Open Letter to the Electoral College-Choose your Legacy

Oped by C. Bailey-Lloyd

(c) Copyright 2016

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Game Over

Nice people finish last, and winners write the history books. The wretched fact is both are correct. It is 11 days post-election and I am still learning from what happened. Throughout my childhood and my adult life, my mom often told stories of the Hitler reign in which she 84-yearswas raised. Imagine being liberal and German during the Furor’s tyranny. Her father, Alfred, listened to “free” radio back then. This was the only way he obtained news on what was happening in the Free World.  That “offense”, in itself, put him and his family at risk. Listening to any transmission outside of Goebbels’ propaganda radio transmissions was considered treason. Many Germans were sentenced to concentration camps for doing so. One of her memories was that of her father hiding a Jewish family under a trap door in their cellar. Fortunately, when the soldiers came to their door, a rug and a table covered the trap door.  Had the soldiers discovered the hidden family, all would have certainly met with a much worse fate.

As I matured, I learned more about Hitler, the Third Reich, his “homeland”, and I viewed historical documentaries. I could not understand how such an evil dictator could rise to such great power and fame, and gain such mass support in so short time. For years, I struggled with the reasoning. What sane person would revere such a man? Who could have such an affinity for a man filled with so much hatred? How could anyone respect that? For the longest time, I thought perhaps some of it was fear-based, but most of it certainly had to be brainwashing. Still, that did not make sense. My grandfather did not buy into Hitler’s propaganda. He knew the man was inherently wicked. He knew he had to listen to outside sources to obtain the truth. He understood what Hitler was doing and the crimes he was committing in the name of “patriotism” and “national pride”.  A great majority of Germans continued to worship this monster, embracing their national pride and patriotism. These same prideful, feverish citizens eagerly disregarded (and even participated in) the maiming and murder of Jewish families. Why? How?

Fast forward to 2016

Those of us, who have studied history and who have watched factual documentaries, learned from the past and understand the consequences of elections; still listen to the echoes of those lost to the hands of brutality. We understand the looming threat of oppression, and that we must recognize the traits of a dictator. We have learned that if we are unaware of our history, we are doomed to repeat it. That is a fact. Willful ignorance and intolerance of what is “different”; and deeming those who are different as unacceptable is equally vanity and tyranny.

Today’s parallels are indisputable. A country plagued by economic issues, which have forced jobs overseas, or those jobs which have been completely annihilated due to technological advancements. The same holds true in early 1930’s Germany, where the Depression had hit particularly hard. It was then that a growing party of nationalists had their sights set on overtaking the government; and they did.  Other stark correlations of the sign of the times were a leader who developed anti-disability policies and a nationalist following, (targeting children with developmental and physical disabilities). He was also homophobic; considering those to be both diseased and criminal. Among all of his psychotic traits, his worst was his Antisemitism and xenophobia. Adolf Hitler was named Time’s “Man of the Year” in 1938 — and made a major mark in history by pulling out of the “League of Nations” – today’s equivalent to NATO.

Today, maybe few will see the signs — maybe even most. If we do not, the future holds a mirror image of the past. Food for thought

Game Over

By C. Bailey-Lloyd

© 2016

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