Posted by: CarolAnn | April 27, 2009

4 Twitter Tools that Make Tweeting a Snap!

Hooked on the twitter bandwagon? Assuming you’re tweeting regularly, you’ve discovered that there’s definitely something missing from the mix… something that’ll make your tweeting experience easier, faster, and more efficiently fun; but you just don’t know which way to turn and quite frankly — who to trust when it comes to using associated or external apps. Following are four twitter tools that can make tweeting a snap for you:

1. Are you an aspiring Picasso? Like sharing photographs or other artwork? Try TwitPic for your picture sharing-uploading-viewing pleasure.

This is probably one of the most simple applications available to twitter. Once here, login with your twitter username and password, and you can upload as many photos as you like. The best part is that you have the choice to share your photograph (or artwork) with your twitterverse as soon as you upload it. If you’d rather not tweet about your picture, you can select that option as well. To boot, on, you can add tags and other relative keywords that’ll help your picture get discovered by other twitter users.

2. Like group conversations? If you do, then TweetGrid is the place to go. Organize your custom conversations into over 10 personalized grids, where you can watch specific topics like #GNO (Girls Night Out) or #FollowFriday.



Simply choose your settings (1×2, 1×3, 2×2, etc.) and enter your topics in the search bars. Click search and viola! – results are in real time – all the time. Better still, you can stop scrolling messages as they come through the tweetgrid wire; allowing you time to catch up and respond to other tweeple on your tweetgrid board. How do your respond? That’s easy. Enter your twitter name and password, (and your hashtag) and click “Tweet!” Done.

3. Want your own social media group? With Twitter Groups, you can create your unique twitter group.  Just go to and scroll down until you see the right column “Navigate” sidebar. Click on “create group.” Once you do, you’ll be taken to a twitter application page asking you to allow access to your twitter account.



Click “accept.” Then you will be redirected to the twitter group page where you can create a unique group name, group ID, and even add your personal or professional website. In my case, I’ve created two: TwitterExpress and Life & Living. The neat thing about Twitter Groups is the fact that once you create your group, add links, or add discussions, you will simultaneously be tweeting about it on twitter. Not too shabby.

4. Lost an old tweet from a friend? Not to worry. Go to Twitter Search and you can recapture messages that you may have lost along the way. Whether you’ve tweeted about it, or you want to read someone else’s tweets, simply enter the particular search name or phrase and within seconds, you’ve got pages upon pages on that term (or phrase).

Twitter Search

Twitter Search

It’s much easier and faster than your own search sidebar on twitter, so bear this in mind the next time you want to catch up on news stories like the most immediate crisis, the swine flu.

And hey — if all else fails – check out these 6 Twitter Tips for Dummies…er…newbies for more information on how to make your twitter experience the best ever!

4 Twitter Tools that Make Tweeting a Snap!
by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd
Known as the “Social Media Sorceress”


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