Posted by: CarolAnn | April 29, 2009

5 Twitter Apps that Gauge whether You’re a Tweeting Success…or a Twitter Bomb

So you’ve been tweeting for a while now and you’re ready to explore the vast expanse of twitter apps on the Net to determine your personal or professional level of popularity on twitter. Let’s take a look at some of these unique twitter apps to see which ones interest you the most:

1. TwitteRank



Just exactly how valuable are you on twitter? Twitterank answers the question to what your overall rank is among other tweeple. The best part of this site is that you can check your rank as well as your twitter friends’ ranks. Go to TwitteRank and enter your username (and gulp! yes, your twitter password) so your rank can be calculated. It’s not scientific, but it clues you in on where you stand amidst the sea of twitter users. Your score is automatically posted on your twitter site for all the world to see. [Creator of this site: Ryo Chijiiwa – follow him on twitter here: @t_rank]

2. Top Twitter Friends

Top Twitter Friends

Top Twitter Friends

Who do you love? Or better yet, who loves you the most? Enter your twitter username on this app and it gives you the rundown of who you share the most tweets with, who responds the most to you, and who you like the most. Again, not a science — but the tweets don’t lie. See who’s on your top 20 list of best friend peeps…and like a stock market analysis, it displays who’s coming up and who’s going down on your list. By the way, @mystic23 is my number one peep – thanks for being my BFF! [Creator of this site: Pete Warden – follow him on twitter here: @petewarden]

3. Twitter-Friends

Twitter Friends

Twitter Friends

Now here’s a twitter app into which you can really sink your eyes — no password required either! See current statistics of tweeple who reply to you and to whom you’ve replied…but it gets better! Click on any of the tabs on your unique calculations and discover your twitter rank, follower loyalty, and more! While you’re there, don’t forget to compare yourself to one of your twitter counterparts. [Follow creator, Benedikt Koehler on Twitter here: @furukama]

4. ReTweetRank



Where do you stand among those retweeted the most? Visit this twitter app to see your standings in the retweet world of twitter. The higher your percentage rate, the more popular your tweets are. Simply enter your twitter username, and you’re off to the RT races. Presently, @Mike_Wesley holds the number one spot for being retweeted the most according to this site. [Follow creator, Saurabh Sahni on Twitter here: @retweetrank]

5. TwitterGrader

Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader

Are you among the “Twitter Elite?” Twitter Grader will tell you if you are or aren’t. This has probably got to be one of my favorite twitter apps. Just like other twitter applications, you enter your twitter username and it gives you a rank among other twitter users. Twitter Grader bases it scores on followers, followees (is there such a word?), and overall strength in tweets in your twittosphere. While surfing Twitter Grader, be sure to check out the overall top users, top users by location, top twitter states, and yes…even top twitter countries. (BTW — the United States holds the number one spot for twitter tweeple.) And don’t forget to tweet your score on twitter! [Follow creator, D. Harmesh on Twitter here: @dharmesh]

Happy tweeting!

5 Twitter Apps that Gauge whether You’re a Tweeting Success…or a Twitter Bomb
By CarolAnnB – Social Media Sorceress


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