Posted by: CarolAnn | June 25, 2017

Tomorrow is just Another Day

Can I catch a break?

This week is going to get interesting. Midweek, I have my lymph node needle biopsy. It’s the jugulodigastric lymph node in my neck. Heck, I thought they were all just lymph nodes. No particular name, just a node. As it turns out, three months ago, I learned it was already larger than what it should have been. In fact, I read the size should be about 3mm. In March, it was 12mm. Earlier this month, it registered at 17mm. Nice. 

Of course this recent unlltrasound was not without bells and whistles. It was accompanied by additional, enlarged nodes on the left side of my neck, and one fatty “hilum“. (A nice little growth…) So we’ll see what the cat drags in this week in terms of outcome. 

Following my fun, upcoming biopsy, I am scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery. Good news is I’m first in the roster, so I’ll be in and out in no time. When you live on a laptop, this tends to happen. Now this will hopefully fix my left arm; the right arm is racing along to keep up with the left.

Going for broke 

Yes, that’s not all! My longstanding hip issue has been treated with over 10 -15+ injections…somewhere I lost count. The last one worked for about two days, and the fun shooting pains started again. Thank goodness for medication or I’d be a complete basket case by now. Lol…

In between the insanity of my additional chronic health hiccups and pain-induced insomnia, I live for my grandbabies and my dogs. Thor, my 15-yr old Pointer mix decided to go and grow a sarcoma on his head. Great news is he can have surgery to remove it. Whew! Close one. And guiding my grandson in the exquisite art of cinnamon rolls is top notch!
Tomorrow is just another day

There it is. I really can’t think about what I’m going to do without healthcare, preexisting conditions, work-acquired conditions or who I’ve pissed off this week. Currently, I’m in meditation mode. I know folks love me, care for me and right now, I’m not pushing up daisies. Guess it could be worse, but I’ll take life one day at a time. Cheers!

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