Posted by: CarolAnn | September 15, 2014

Are you a natural born dictator or leader?

It can determine your success or failure.

Are you a Natural-Born Dictator or Leader?

Pride or ProgressToday, several educational seminars have dedicated their training programs to support genuine leadership skills for both personal and professional growth. One of the reasons there is such a high propensity for these very desirable traits is to successfully develop succession strategies for natural progression within the ranks of both corporate and entrepreneurial America.  The bigger picture has an even stronger reliance upon personal empowerment through effective leadership, as this can and will directly impact the overall success or failure of a business.

Professional mentors who have innate leadership characteristics never use fear or dictatorial management practices to gather followers. In most cases, natural born leaders have the tendency to influence others respectfully in leading by unadulterated example.  “Ideally a leader wants people to follow them because of the trust and respect they have earned – not because they are told to.” – Satish Kakri, Management and Educational Consultants

When we think about the traits of a great leader, terms like honesty, setting the example, inspiring and empowering people, forward thinking, sharing vision, competency and leading change come to mind. When done effectively, quality leadership is the ultimate recruitment tool to inspire more individuals to follow and to learn how they, too, can become up-and-coming leaders.

Is power sweeping you off your own feet?

Anyone can be a manager, but it takes sweat equity and an optimistic attitude to be a leader.

If you are a middle or upper level manager, or even a CEO, how do you drive positive and proficient change within your business? If you rule with an iron fist, you will earn disrespect, dissenters and ultimately, will lose the strongest players who contribute to the foundation of your business.  Each day you lead with the “my-way or highway” strategy, you are effectively whittling away the building blocks to both your own success and the long-term advancement of your business.

Too many times, individuals make the common mistake believing that being in a place of power will ensure their position as a leader.  Having the preconceived expectation of power rather than earning a leadership position will not only guarantee failure of the individual, but can and will deteriorate the threads that bind a professional business team.  Not good for a long-term strategy.

True leaders inspire others.

TeammanshipThere is no “I” in TEAM – and while there may be a “me”, the “me” should be a common reflection of who the team is as a whole. A wise colleague once told me the importance of being humble in business.  And I agree. Effective leaders are gracious, never demean others, and work constructively WITH team members for a shared vision for success.  Imagine if in a football team, the quarterback decides to run his own plays and fails to effectively communicate these plans to fellow team members. While he may be able to run with the ball a few times, perhaps even score a touchdown or two, over time, the team will lose all respect for him.  In the end, the quarterback will no longer receive support or fortification from his team.  He will be sacked time and time again, eventually losing his stature within the team as the leader.

 “I want to have this career so I can lock in one salary and one position forever,” said NO ONE ever.  True leaders inspire others to do more and be more. Exhibiting leadership qualities that promote collaboration, encourage personal development, incite passion and excitement, and significantly improve turnover rates is what puts success in succession. The majority of advanced businesses wants and expects leaders to empower others to become future leaders.  Yes, effective leadership is that critical to the endurance of any company.  Leaders align. Leaders inspire. Leaders stimulate growth and innovation. Leaders fortify quality. Leaders grow profitability. Leaders grow leaders. Which one are you?


Are you a Natural Born Dictator or Leader?


By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd


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