Posted by: CarolAnn | November 3, 2013

7 Innovations Shifting the Course of Civilization

When I was a little girl, I was an avid watcher of Battlestar Galactica and the Six Million Dollar Man. Is it any wonder I love the Net? I knew one day technology would exist where people would eventually have the means and ways to become stronger, healthier and even have the ability to move and communicate from one realm to another without so much as a flip of the wrist. Since Armstrong’s first mission to the moon to today’s International Space Station (ISS), modern culture has seen some amazing inventions and ideas that are truly manifesting the dream of humankind’s passion for exploration and answers to the unknown.

Fine scientists like Marie Curie helped revolutionize modern science, healthcare diagnostics and the treatments many of us take for granted today. Not to mention, mechanical geniuses like Henry Ford, who once said,  Mark my words: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile. But it will come.”  Dr. Rachel Armstrong summarized life in a nutshell: “Life is an inpossible phenomenon, something that needs to be lived to be understood and even then, it’s never truly known.”  Sometimes, the future is happening all around us but we have not yet experienced it, nor realized that it is.

Tomorrow’s Innovations Today

1. ARPANET: Though many of you may not have heard of this acronym, you should know that you are at this moment dwelling in its offspring. Yes, that’s right. ARPANET, acronym for Advanced Research Projects Agency Net takes arpnetus back to the mid 1900’s, when researchers discovered a way to link computers and send emails. If you are able to access Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter and every other online site at this moment — whether via your Smartphone, droid, tablet, laptop or personal desktop, you have ARPANET to thank – the granddaddy of today’s virtual community, which connects everyone to everyone, everywhere at any given time. In 2012, there were nearly 2.5 billion Internet users worldwide…and that number continues to grow each and every second. It is through modern-day communications like the Internet that many entrepreneurs and innovators have earned their spot in history. Have you?

2Microencapsulation: Thanks to experiments conducted on the International Space Station, oncological and biological researchers now are creating much less invasive and much more effective ways to deliver cancer-fighting therapies and even diagnostics to patients in tiny microcapsules.

3. Nanobees: Stemming from “Nanotechnology“, Nanobees are like tiny heat-seeking missiles that target and deliver cancer-killing toxins to tumors with the use of melliten (Bee Venom). To put magnitude into perspective, a “Nanometer” is equivalent to a 50,000th of the width of a single strand of a hair.nanobee

4. DNA Body Clock: We all age. We are born, we develop, we mature, and then like all living things in nature, we die.  Individuals have always talked about a body clock, but today, through modern DNA research, scientists can tell you just exactly how old your body truly is.  In fact, according to recent findings, “Some brain cancer tissues taken from children had a biological age of more than 80 years.”  Tell me that’s not news worth watching!

5.   Google Glass: Imagine the world through my eyes…oh wait, you can! With Google’s invention of Google Glass, now you can capture every living moment through your own eyes, or through the eyes of others. Like Smartphone google-glassdevices that can feed live streams to social media networks so can Google Glass but with a twist — it is absolutely seen from a first-person vantage point. Most excellent!


Coming soon to a reality in a very near future

6. Flying Car: Jetsons make way! Also known as the Skycar®, Moeller  International is seeing to it that Henry Ford’s vision of a flying car will imminently see the light of day. Though not yet ready for mass production, this vehicle is sure to thrill and excite the masses, including green appreciators as it runs on ethanol!

7.  Project Persephone: Trekky fans take note! Project Persephone, headed by renowned TED fellow, Dr. Rachel Armstrong, is an initiative, “which aims to catalyze the construction of a crewed interstellar craft within a hundred years that will be assembled in earth’s orbit.” Imagine a world within a world, created to learn how to sustain this world and worlds to come. Absolutely amazing!

As our Earth is constantly moving, so is civilization and the many contributions the thinkers and doers of society who continue to inspire and motivate humankind. If you are not paying attention to the world around you, are not seeing the potential that exists right in front of you, then you are missing out on the journey of your lifetime.

7 Innovations  Shifting the Course of Civilization


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By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Senior Social Media, CSM; Online Ghostwriter, Social Media Consultant, Web Consultant, Author and Copywriter


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