Posted by: CarolAnn | September 15, 2013

Eliminating White Noise in your Life

If you haven’t heard the phrase before, “white noise” or static is a constant hum having numerous frequencies with equal white-noiseintensities. It is essentially a background noise that drowns out other sounds. I started thinking about how this applies in our daily lives and it occurred to me that white noise is a common culprit to the abject decisions we make. Because we are creatures of habit, this background noise can often drown out the finer details we are missing, becoming more of a distraction than anything else. We focus so much on the white noise, our attention to detail and progress becomes diluted with “stuff” — the mitigating circumstances which surround us, aka., drama. These external influences can repeatedly overwhelm our capacity to focus and can actually compromise our abilities to reason, leading to routine and destructive consequences of our actions and inactions.

Think of the butterfly effect. One action causes an equal reaction. We do not always foresee outcomes, but when we become so wrapped in drama (white noise), we cannot effectively use logic to achieve a resolution and attain a solid form of balance in our lives. It becomes habitual for many because drama gives individuals the false sense of importance, security and urgency. But imagine if you spent just half your time sorting through the white noise to actually see how it is affecting you. For instance, if you are part of a larger family, you will completely understand how “white noise” can negate your own behavior and reactions, as well as the behavior and reactions of others. This often leads to repeated conflicts and miscommunications.

So how do you move beyond the white noise when you are supposed to sift through it? In order to gain better understanding regarding the people and influences that are disturbing you personally and your lifestyle, you must look at the root causes. Remember the butterfly effect? Essentially, you are still in control of your actions and reactions. Someone once told me, “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”. Now, there are cases where you must “mind” if it directly affects you, but why worry about Billy or Sue and what they are doing, when it has no direct or even indirect impact on you? If you are trying to accomplish a goal for you and on your own behalf, how does white noise affect you? If it is stopping you from being constructive and productive, then the burden lies on you for your own inability to resolve your own issues. The worst element about white noise is if you, yourself are creating it. Ultimately, if you are the creator of your white noise, it can and will detract from your stability and successes in life. In fact, it can make you emotionally and physically ill.

Let’s go back to the butterfly effect. If you want a lifestyle that serves you well, makes you happy, positively affects your health and prosperity, then filter the white noise and eliminate those external influences that generate it in your life.


Eliminating White Noise in your Life

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

COPYRIGHT — ALL Rights Reserved


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