Posted by: CarolAnn | August 17, 2013

Had a bad day?

Had a bad day? Don’t we all? Daniel Powter sings about it and asks the question, “So where is the passion when you need it the most?” I get the sneaky suspicion most of us, including me, can relate. We all have one of “those days” we would rather bad-dayhideaway in some primordial vault in the back of our minds. The problem with trying to bury our emotions and “bad days” is even if we deem them “bad”, ultimately, we learn from them and keep on moving. Now armed with experiences of our past, we can use those experiences to navigate uncharted territory, new faces, new places, new encounters on which we can build.

I have personally learned all the “bad” days and encounters I have experienced now serve a purpose. It is not so much an epiphany as it is mere hindsight…I hear it is always 20/20. Yes, at the time we have one of those horrible days, it may not be so nice. In fact, I don’t see anyone revering in those “glory days” of misery, regret and bitterness. But because of hindsight, we understand places we have been and places we have reached in our lives have a lot to do with our past.   If we did not learn at least one thing, then we are unfortunately dealt a repeat lesson. For some of us, that could be many times.

There have been instances in my life where I’ve thought, “God, where are you when I need you the most?” or “What on earth did I do to ever deserve this?” or “Why does this crap keep happening to me?” Then, days, weeks, months…sometimes even years later, I realize that everything has come full circle. Some of my best writings have been like the Phoenix rising. Out of the ashes comes new and meaningful vitality. Maybe writing isn’t your thing. I get that. But what if all the echoes of your past suddenly began to take shape in the career you now have? Doesn’t even necessarily have to be a career.  Perhaps you have finally found your soul mate after years of searching (or just after negative relationships). Bottom line is that everything is as it should be. There are no coincidences. Yes, “bad” days can be filled with heartache, anguish, frustration, anger, desperation, worry, anxiety, pain and even sorrow… but it’s that humbling taste of bitterness that builds appreciation, gratitude, strength, resilience, acceptance, patience, perseverance, passion, understanding, determination, endurance and even brilliance.  I don’t have “bad” days anymore…just another rung I must climb on the ladder of life.

Check out: Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter

Had a bad day?

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

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