Posted by: CarolAnn | June 23, 2013

The Actor – A Philosophical and Moral Dilemma

The Actor - MasksThe greatest act portrayed is not on the celebrity stage affront the bright lights and cameras, but the act of mind over matter, courage under fire, and valor in everyday life. Despite challenging and otherwise painful circumstances, players upon life’s stage can put on a smile and act the part of the hero or heroine  each and every moment.

To the untrained eye, nothing appears to be in disarray. In fact, these actors have become so adept at hiding physical and emotional pain that none would be the wiser. After all, it is just a scene among a barrage of scenes. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Undue pressure placed upon average, ordinary human beings because the responsibilities of existing far outweigh the options of slowing down to sit on the sidelines. Instead, these actors push themselves until they literally collapse into the abyss. It is not that they do not care about themselves; rather, they care more about those around them and for whom they bare accountability.

Life is not always perfect. Even in the best circumstances, an ordinary man cannot cease to treat his own afflictions when he knows so many rely upon him. Notwithstanding necessity, it is still a psychological battle between conscience and ego: In the one hand is his commitment to home, family, friends, work and colleagues; in the other, the realization that ultimately he will succumb to his own ills. Somewhere in the middle is the person who lives the actor, but no longer has the physical or emotional stamina to play the part in life’s scene. He pines to step off the stage but cannot because of his overall sense of duty. He weighs his pros and cons and discovers there is no escape from this metaphorical stage which he has built for himself. Play the scene. In the end, all eyes will shift to yet another player.

The Actor - Curtains DrawnThe spotlight fades;  the curtains are drawn. One more night to play the part, one more day to mask the pain. Tomorrow’s another day.



The Actor – A Philosophical and Moral Dilemma 

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By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Senior Social Media, CSM, Online Ghostwriter, Social Media Consultant, Web Consultant, Author and Copywriter




  1. Wow, what a insightful post, so very true. This is exactly one of themes in my novel, and while it is a serious one, often times I’m able to interject some humor . . . I think there’s a good reason why it’s always a comedian hosting the Academy Awards! 🙂

  2. Oh so very true…great read CarolAnn!

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