Posted by: CarolAnn | June 7, 2013

Social Media: the anti-reality reality show

Are the Net and Social Media one in the same? Well, if you ask me, I’d give that one big fat YES. Crazy how it works, too. One minute you have a Facebook, Google or crazy-penguinTwitter profile, next thing you know you’re getting emails from all over the globe. For instance, I didn’t know that there was an email market for “Quality Dentures”, and then there’s the notorious “Platinum Credit Card” everyone’s dying to get…NOT. Speaking of dying, I can get a Term Life Policy for $500k for less than $20 a month or earn a Massage Therapy Degree  and get rid of “Toxic Belly Bugs” with a 2-minute cleanse all in one fell swoop.  Of course what email spam wouldn’t be the same without attaining the ultimate in summer hair…namely, “Sexy Summer Hair” with Mango Coconut, not to mention “Meeting attractive Asian singles” in my area. Is it me, or have digital communications gone wild? Wait, don’t answer that question.

Being an avid social media communicator, I often peruse these spam exchanges for kicks and giggles. What will they think of next? Oh wait, were they thinking at all? Has the super highway become a barrage of commercial billboards anxiously awaiting your view? In not so many words, yes. In fact, commercialization of the Net is so prolific these days, you can barely sneak a YouTube video without being lambasted with commercial ads. Who would’ve thought that CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” warranted an advert for toddler learning? Of course if you’re catching up on the latest news site, you will find the latest and not-so-greatest ads on everything from removing belly fat to car sales.

As you may be aware, Facebook went gaga with Lady Gaga, who by the way, has over five million likes… but she too, has become a one-woman powerhouse on the globe’s lady-gaga-wikimedia-commonslargest social network. Her face value is so large that she has permanent advertisers like Skype, and of course her own Lady Gaga store, where you can purchase everything from beach towels to faux pearl necklaces. So into what exactly does social media NETworking actually translate? We are what we eat. We are gobbling commercial networking like it’s going out of style. In the US alone, social ad revenue is anticipated to hit $11 billion by the year 2017.

Who’s watching who? There’s been a recent uproar about wiretapping and invasion of privacy. But I wonder how many social media network users truly Trumanshowunderstand how much they compromise day in and day out when they text very public messages to their social networks? Funny how reality TV shows have grown in infinitesimal numbers these days, but much to my chagrin, they prosper and grow because social media consumer demand is so prolific itself. Ever watch The Truman Show? Yes, you’re living proof it exists.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles…

Kind of reminds me of an old spoof:

Act Naturally – Buck Owens and Ringo Starr


Social Media: the anti-reality reality show

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd– Senior Social Media Response Specialist, Social Media Consultant/Marketer, Ghost Writer, Pro Blogger, Online Copywriter/Editor & SEO-SEM Specialist

Copyright 2013 – ALL Rights Reserved


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