Posted by: CarolAnn | May 28, 2012

Picnics and Social Media

What do the two have in common? Ants. Relatively speaking, ants and social media network users know how to network to get what they want, or to gather the troops to achieve a common goal. If the cause is great enough, bet your bottom dollar they are going to make their presence known. Institutions, retailers, large corporations and even public figures are starting to grasp how quickly a picnic at the park can take an incredible turn for the worst… or best, depending on the reaction and strategy.

Whether we like it or not, ants serve their purpose. The difference between humans and ants is that ants generally work together for survival and continuity of their species. They understand, without ever saying a word, the importance of hard work, cooperation, communication and overall unity for a common good. They clean up nature’s spoils and protect their ecosystem with life and limb. Their diligent and important movement helps irrigate the very soil that human beings use to plant crops, gardens and yes, even those beautifully landscaped lawns. Their communication network and commitment to one another may be mysterious and complex to man – but it is absolutely useful,  productive and one of the many reasons why it is the most successful species on earth to date. Human counterparts are leagues behind this evolved species. But there is hope.

Like any great innovation, social media has opened the gateway for higher evolution of mankind. Like ants, social media users rally their cohorts by simply posting a photograph, an article link, opinion or gripe. The larger the network, the greater the call to action. No longer belongs the status quo to the oligarchian, giant anteater at the picnic. The Emperor has no clothes, and social media networkers — like ants — know how to use it, flaunt it, taut it and wreck it: the picnic, that is.

Those days of smooth coasting, as long as one had the wealth and influence to do so, are over. Usher in the era of the social networkno, not that one… the social network of humans where man has never gone before. Even according to biblical proportions, the Tower of Babel does not hold a candle to social media networks. With millions upon millions of online users, there is no distance, nor time or barrier, which stands in the way of a modern, empowered social culture on a mission. For some, that mission is to tell their story about the lemon vehicle they purchased, or about their plight in changing the legal system; for others, it’s a call to arms to locate a missing person or to find commonality with those of likemindedness … and still there are millions of other reasons why people suddenly stand with those they have never met before…perhaps it is the fact that we are evolving at a faster pace than normal.  Perhaps that quickened pace of communication evolution (in human beings) is what has thrown much of the normalcy of “business as usual” into utter chaos. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that we must all work together, that huge organizations are not nearly as large as they believed themselves to be, and that mankind has the ability to leave this world a better place for future generations by leveling the playing field through cooperative and social efforts.

Picnics and Social Media

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved


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