Posted by: CarolAnn | November 12, 2011

Scrooged Again!

‘Tis the season to be jolly…fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.” Bah, humbug! The holiday season is upon us again and yet for many of us, it is yet another season left to be desired. If you ask presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann how she truly feels about the meek and humble, she’ll tell you: “If anyone will not work, neither should they eat.”  Which brings me to the notorious story about a particular individual named Scrooge. If you are not familiar with him, allow me to bring you up to speed.

Long story short, Scrooge is a disrespected, wealthy and greedy codger who mistreats his only worker, disassociates himself from his only nephew and could care less about the meek and humble. One night, he is visited by three ghosts: Ghost of Christmas past, Ghost of Christmas present, and the Ghost of Christmas future. In the case of Scrooge, he is fortunate enough to change his heartless ways and become a generous and kind person so that he can alter the course of his dreadful destiny. But it took a stark glimpse of his fate to realize the errors of his way.

Another presidential hopeful, Herman Cain seems to think that being poor is by choice. After all, he did say, “… if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself!” That’s right folks. If you are unemployed or just aren’t wealthy, or both, it is entirely your fault. Aren’t you aware that when you are born without a silver spoon in your mouth it is nature’s law of natural selection. Seriously, how could you ever assume that you were just supposed to have opportunity handed to you? Oh wait, there’s that little thing called the socioeconomic downturn. But who’s really to blame? Is it truly the average American worker, or is it ultimately all those wealthy caviar-slurping folks who cashed in on huge tax breaks at the demise of the middle class and poor?

How many “Scrooges” in the world exist to scorn and mock the meek and humble while they toast champagne and slurp caviar by the pound on their sweet tax-break yacht in Texas (or other State in the Union)? How long will it be before they understand that “the good you do comes back to you“? It is the law of Karma, and it can be a real beast (explicative).

One can hopefully appreciate that the whole premise of the season of brotherly love and giving should in fact be about that. We have, however along the way, lost our innate spirit of humanity and common decency. No longer do we seek the truth. No longer do we feel a kinship for those in need or who are desperately struggling to stay alive. Somewhere, sadly, empathy has lost its battle in the war on poverty, hunger, joblessness, homelessness and illness. Is this the America you truly imagined it could be? This holiday season (and beyond), you do have a choice as to whether or not you will stand on the side of the needy or the greedy. Those with a conscience know the right thing to do. How many are going to take that step in the positive direction before it’s too late?

In closing, I leave you with a random quote of my own, “People choose to be poor, like they choose to have cancer. It is a myth, and the greatest lie told to mankind to gain power.”

Scrooged Again!

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media Sorceress on current events, social media, philosophy and more!

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  1. Interesting piece, Ive always maintained Scrooge was bi-polar if not schizophrenic which would have accounted for his visions. But the real question is do people choose to be poor? I understand what youre driving at moralistically and I agree. However, as making money often depends on choices taken concerning education, training, allocation of time-the pursuit of wealth is an obsession for some-there probably is a morsel of truth to the free choice crowds admonishments.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Peter. I appreciate your insight. All healthy, educated adults have a choice. This, I agree. Unfortunately, not all have the funding to acquire education, not all are healthy enough to work, and many dream to have the white picket fence, the house on the hill, the love of their life, and their 2.5 kids… realistically, that dream is fading away no thanks to our manufacturing and blue-collar trades falling to the wayside. That beings said, children have no voice in this distinction – ergo, it is time we all embrace empathy so that we can become the great nation we were intended to be. 🙂

  3. Well Spoken! Kudos. I particularly like this nugget: “This holiday season (and beyond), you do have a choice as to whether or not you will stand on the side of the needy or the greedy.”

  4. Thank you, Cheryl. We can only hope this clear and present choice is decidedly so.

  5. When people of middle class follow the rules, have good credit and had homes worth something – while working full time in a secure job – have all their equity and value, as well as the ability to STABILIZE their personal crash due to the behavior of those that control the rules – and created the vacuum of being powerless to escape the cycle someone else created is … A CRIME. If my car was rear-ended by an accident, I pay insurance for them to be held responsible for their actions. If they have no insurance, I will see to it that the legal aspects of their errors are balanced as set forth by law. I can fix my own car with my own insurance. How does the car scenario compare with choosing to be poor and scrabbling for the equal standing you had before the lending industry rear-ended our lives? I Love your writing CarolAnn. I have some envy of those who have more than I do at this age – but if they got it with dishonesty while destroying everyone else around me … then I am angry, not jealous. I think the banking collapse is criminal, yet, I did not have insurance against it – I have no legal method of being recompensed because TARP did not order the industries responsible to stabilize the customer’s they totaled in this crash. Since 2008, all we have done here is survive as if we were the ones at fault to have wiped out our own progress and capabilities heading into middle age. The GOP does not seem to make the connective recent history as to WHY most of us who did well and got messed over are feeling UPSET and entitled parties that did the damage. Most of us don’t want something we did not earn, or wish to take from others because we are less than them. We just want our equity back.

  6. I think you said it all… the sad part is that when good folks lose their equity, their credit is destroyed; which, ultimately diminishes their ability to re-acquire credit and pay off the debts that they owe. It is a vicious cycle. 😦

  7. If the leadership doesn’t figure out WHY we are upset, eventually, we are just going to fall into Lord of The Flies mentality. People in my town are so angry at their car tax bill configuration and the city’s refusal to see the reason as our last straw – have led people who would never, ever – NOT – pay their taxes … refuse to do so. So many of us are to the point where we will not follow the rules and boundaries to do as we are told.
    “Do as we say, not as we do.” is not acceptable. We all left it to others to represent us and not participate. OWS was the tip off – and the smartest leaders will leverage the power back towards the people. It has started with “HARP.2” In the new year, we can refinance, not modify – refinance with the new ‘underwater equity’ products. At the same time, we are not stuck with the lender who messed us up in the first place. There is no recompense for those who already lost everything they bought in good faith and in good financial ability to uphold their obligations. The loudest idiots GOP debate circuit believe we “poor peons” choose to be less. It doesn’t matter, I am with Jon Stewart calling the ticket as ROMNEY and be done with the idiocracy foaming mouthed news byters. If a guy like JRPerry gets in, I’m going to Canada.

  8. Amen, sister! I’m with you on the Canada ticket.

  9. Canada likely doesn’t want us – but, Perry makes Bush look MENSA.
    For talent like ours – my Midwest 5 state area of Dakotas included (MN homie here) is where the $$ are at. Black Gold. Don’t go in winter – they cannot build houses fast enough to meet the jobs lists. Montana to follow the Dakota booms. I hope folks there drink bottled water??
    I worry for Native American land impact and fracturing oil as bad as “fracking” for natural gas. The watershed areas are something no one is giving news about because they don’t want to be a Debby Downer on the environmental questions. The old method of new american dream is once again, GO WEST!
    I already am St. Paul homeward bound as fast as I can make a sensible break for us happen here with the property. Jobs await as my talent of CAN DO, but not being stupid via short-sale and making a PLAN is the only way to keep upward reaching. One hurdle at a time – cos, like William Clinton once said, “It’s the economy, Stupid!”

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