Posted by: CarolAnn | October 16, 2011

Sympathy for the Devil

Forgive me for my reference to music, but many songs new and old are a mirror image of society. I often find solace or at least some vindication of my own opinions in the lyrics of our latest and greatest lyricists. Henceforth, maybe Mick Jagger was onto something. He knew precisely the message that he was conveying in this classic hit but I wonder how many in the general public understood it (both now and then)?

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly mob rule can be manifest by just a few, greedy elite. Today, in this incorrigible and bleak socioeconomic environment, it appears as if the devil (or at least the implication thereof) is running amuck. Suddenly truth is obsolete and disinformation is the new norm… one plus one equals three, the sky is yellow and the ocean is red. How so, you ask? Look at modern-day protesters, who truly believe the falsehoods being propagated by the lunatic fringe. Today madcap extremists wield signs about how God almighty himself, denounces gays, refutes facts; condemns the poor, meek and elderly, and who generally demonstrate abhorrence to anything remotely noble, honorable and good willing. Sometimes I have to step outside of the realm of reality just to grasp what on earth is happening here.

Andre Gide, French literary and Nobel Prize winner once said, “Believe those who are seeking the truth, doubt those who find it.” Perhaps what he meant by that, like Jagger, is not to obligingly fall prey to those who would deceive you and who seek to destroy what is logical and progressive in humanity. At some point, folks must take a stand for themselves to realize just what bag of mixed nuts in which they have wrapped themselves (or as in many cases, wrapped in a Bible and the Flag).

In the 1995 film, “Braveheart,” Angus MacFadyen said, “History is written by those who have hanged heroes.” How many heroes is this Nation willing to “hang” for the sanctity of modern-day predatory offenders? Those who fall under the guise of Tories and Puritans, seek nothing more than to plummet this Nation back into the dark ages; all the while laughing to offshore banks where they accumulate mountains of currency on the backs of the working class and poor.  Fifty to one hundred years from now, this American era will become known as the great awakening – a time where implied morality and injected conscience nearly brought down a civilization of people. Not because of the people themselves, but because of a handful of selfish, greedy corporatists who openly and blatantly ship jobs to foreign countries without as much as a whisper.  Many of you are already aware of those of whom I speak. Their names will be written in the halls of injustice, and if we are so fortunate, the real winners will prevail. If not, the spirit and blood lust of Lucifer is among us all.  Do not take my word for it; listen to your conscience. Surely there must be one in there somewhere.

I leave you with a stanza from Jagger’s “Sympathy for the Devil”:

“Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a man of wealth and taste

I’ve been around for a long, long year

Stole many a man’s soul and faith

And I was round when Jesus Christ

Had his moment of doubt and pain

Made damn sure that Pilate

Washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guess my name

But what’s puzzling you

Is the nature of my game.”

Sympathy for the Devil

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media Sorceress on current events, social media, philosophy and more!

Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved



  1. Great insite CarolAnn…

  2. Appreciate your positive feedback! 🙂 – Peace & Light — CA

  3. Very well written. I hope it does not fall on deaf ears.

  4. Thank you, Terry. I hope not either. Unfortunately, there are many who are still following the pied pipers. We can only hope that we should be so lucky that this new wave of peaceful protesters will change the course of this nation.

  5. Nicely done.Next time I update my blog roll, I will add you.

  6. Appreciate your positive response — I’m glad that many have found some insight in this piece. – Peace & Light — CA

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