Posted by: CarolAnn | September 11, 2011

Tears of Liberty – in Tribute to 911

I thought I saw the Lady cry
beneath her glory and might
I thought I saw her shed a tear
beneath the New York sky
I thought I saw her shoulders, heavy
laden with empty sorrow
I thought I saw her close her eyes
praying for tomorrow
I thought I saw her bow her head
in deep and dark despair
I thought I saw her flame grow dim’
atop her jaded hair
And twixt the pale blue moon
and the plumes of burning embers
I thought I saw the Lady sigh
from times that she remembered
of freedom and liberty
happiness and peace
The pursuit of every American
from sea to shining sea
Where once she stood in pride
a symbol of our nation
She now stands humbled
with sympathetic reservation
Peering down upon the ruins
She sees a glimmer of hope
An echo of prayers
from her patrons She loves so
There in the multitudes
in the wake of fear and tragedy
In the light of darkness
Humanity helping humanity
With resolve in her eyes
I thought I saw her smile
As she looked towards the ocean
across many a mile
Standing still for liberty
justice and peace
Still a beacon to the world
and all that still believe
In freedom and humanity
God’s only grace
That terror shall NEVER deprive
nor steal
from the whole Human race

Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved
CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

Written on behalf of the victims and the Nation in 2001 in tribute to the events of 911. This poem was sent to and is currently in the Ellis Island Library, as well as published in the book, “Somewhere Along the Beaten Path”


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