Posted by: CarolAnn | June 18, 2011

Midlife what???

Cheers! Yes, I am 40 years old. No, I am not having a “midlife crisis”. Psychoanalyst, Elliot Jaques coined the term back in 1965 but I always find myself shaking my head at the notion that individuals are having a “midlife crisis”. In truth, many of us have sporadic times of reflection in our lives…beginning in our early 20s through the day we inherit the earth.  Realistically, we have all had our share of having our feet to the fire but somehow we always manage to survive the heat and make it out alright.

It is not a big secret to question ourselves, our motives, initiatives, relationships and pathways. After all, life is the experience of living. Everything, everyone and every event we encounter becomes the epitome of our emotions, our intelligence, our creativity and our passion in the way we live and coexist in the world around us. These are the building blocks that form the individuals who we are today. It is perfectly normal to sometimes wonder “what if” or “why”. The analytical side of our ego wants to know the rhyme and reason. But the creative more spiritual side of our higher self is often that part in us that catches us when we fall and squashes the ego’s hunger for the raw details.

Jaques did contribute to something much greater however. He understood that in order for individuals to mesh well in relationships, that they had to have an appealing sense of order. In fact, Requisition Organization, which has come to be known as Organizational Development, is one of the leading basis in companies today. It is what makes the cogs productive; and to be productive in life, one must overcome life’s little idiosyncrasies.

So here I am wondering what sense of order is missing in my life. Oh yeah, I promise there is something that is misplaced, displaced or just too much in place to be in perfect unison with what it should be. I assume that is normal, too, though. But it would be nice if Jaques could interject and give us the perfect code for living opposed to simply working. Perhaps, the latter should shape the former and there would be no more “midlife crisis” problems in the Western Hemisphere… because you know it only exists among us here.

So there I go ranting some more philosophical mumbo jumbo… is it because I am hitting that midlife crisis, or is it simply one of those times where I am reflecting on the behavior of mankind when things do not go their way, or because they have simply given up before they have even tried? Ultimately, the only midlife crisis that man has is the one he has concocted in the recesses of his mind; and what he does with those recesses. Take a breath – it is not the end of the world.

Midlife What???

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media Sorceress on current events, social media, philosophy and more!

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  1. Happy Birthday Carol Ann mine was June 17th and see your a fellow Gemini who is
    always analyzing life and people and things 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Ray! 🙂 Actually my birthday is 12/15 (I am 40, however) but I agree that Gemini does tend to analyze life and the many things and people in it.

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