Posted by: CarolAnn | May 17, 2011

Present-day conveyances that drive you batty!

On mobile phones… Okay, so I have my cell phone alarm set for 04:35 AM every morning. It works perfectly. Wakes me up without missing a beat…but here’s my beef: Why for the love of humanity does Verizon think I want a loud voice mail alert at 03:00 AM? Thank you for cutting my sleep short.

On bright lights… Why must you Mr. Driving-a-White-Mercedes cruise on a four-lane highway with your bright lights shining in my rear-view mirror? I figure you must be blind as a bat but must you ruin what little eyesight I have left? Do you even think about oncoming traffic? Please…chill with the high beams. Thank you.

On computer software… Is it me or is it whenever you complete the perfect project on your desktop or laptop, it decides to freeze up and you lose all your work? I know it’s really my fault because I should have had it set on auto-save.  Score 10 points Microsoft!

Drive-up gas pumps… Got to love drive-up gas pumps. Slide your credit card or ATM card and viola! Pay at the pump and you can quickly retrieve your receipt. NOT! I cannot count the times I have drove up to the pump at a quarter till five a.m. with the foreknowledge that I can easily slide my card, pump my gas, and get my receipt and leave. By now I am beginning to think it is a mass gas station conspiracy: Give customers the false impression of convenience just to slide the card, pump the gas and then display the flashing statement: “Clerk has receipt.” Kind of defeats the purpose of “pay at the pump”, eh?

On microwave ovens and other appliances… Is it me or has the whole electronic revolution gone mad? When my power goes out my microwave beeps at me. No, seriously… I am not allowed to heat up day-old coffee or some other cold food item because my microwave holds me hostage with its antagonizing alerts. Nowadays, you cannot just get away with entering a simple time. Now it’s “AM” or “PM”, month, day AND year…then and only then are you able to push “start”.

On bank deposits… It is a wonderful feeling going to the bank and depositing cash into your bank (or direct deposit). Funny thing is that even when you deposit cash in YOUR bank account, you often cannot withdraw it or it is “not available” until the NEXT business day. Is it me, or are they borrowing your money without asking…or worse still: committing temporary robbery on your account? This really isn’t high-stakes poker…just a paycheck. Hello? Is anybody listening?

I guess all in all modern-day conveyances aren’t so bad but it sure would be nice if we could go one day without one of these little nuisances. Just my two cents…

Present-day conveyances that drive a person batty!

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media Sorceress on current events, social media, philosophy and more!

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