Posted by: CarolAnn | March 14, 2011

Earth is evolving…are you?

So…I have been contemplating things to discuss for the past several days. Everything from alternative medicine to social marketing to the politics of dancing…but nothing quite gripped my attention more than the recent earth changing events that have been occurring all across the globe.

One might say that the makers of the film 2012 were right on the money – fiscally speaking; I would say their film earned a pretty penny for what it was. And then there are the whole Mayan prophecies about the year 2012…throw in some Nostradamus with a little Revelation to the mix, and you have got yourself a bon a fide doomsday scenario.

But what, if anything, can we take away from these ecologically and geographically catastrophic events?  Other than the fact that many of us “feel” saddened for those affected by these earth-shattering episodes, we often fall into the “what if” feeling…that mental disruption that begs us to take stock of our own lives, and the “what if” scenario that could potentially unfold among us. It is easy to look from a distance and to feel compassionately for our fellow human beings. Seriously, what kind of individual could not be taken aback at the destruction and devastation on such a mass scale? There are some, unfortunately, who would use such horrific events to further their ideological and/or their religious agendas; to embolden a few just for the sake of power and control…sad, really.

Albert Einstein, in his infinite wisdom said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” I would like to think that only a handful of folks fall into this category, but Einstein was spot on and way ahead of his time when he made that statement. Too many wealthy, wasteful or generally destructive folks are all too willing to follow the yellow brick road – even atop the backs of victims; the poor, the down-trodden, the unfortunate and the sickly. It is so easy to abuse the voiceless – after all… money talks.

In addition to the many voiceless human beings, the Earth – “Gaia” has also remained pretty much silent as she has revolved in time. But she is evolving. There is an evolution afoot that no man could ever imagine. Changes are coming… some subtle, some not-so subtle. She has made her presence and her utter disappointment known over these past few hundred years, but she has gained a more prominent voice in this past decade. The abuses she has endured go beyond the normal “bartering” system of “give and take”. In the song, 2525, Zager and Evans sing (on mankind), “…He’s taken everything this old earth can give and he ain’t put back nothing…”

It is at this point where I ask you, are you evolving with Gaia? Are you in sync with her heartbeat? Earth is a living planet – interconnected with every single living organism that dwells within it. George Lucas got it in his film, Avatar. He presented a living work of computer-animated art to depict, in a sense, how we could and should live in balance with the world around us. We are only guests. It is time to give back…it is time to get in harmony. It is time for us to give Gaia the respect that she has given us as the human race. We all need to learn how to get along and how to be more accepting of one another. In the end, we only have each other and this living planet, we call Earth.

Earth is evolving…are you?

OPED by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media Sorceress on current events, social media, philosophy and more!

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  1. I think a majority of us here in the U.S. have lost touch with Gaia. I’d like to ask people when was the last time they just walked outside and looked at the stars or went to the beach and looked at the sea or to the forest and listened to the creatures with which we share this earth and celebrated the beauty and mystery or contemplated the universe?

    I think most would say it has been a long time, if you don’t include recreational outings. We are selfishly more concerned with ourselves and our “toys”, I think. I am part Native American and I understand the importance of seeing myself as a tiny speck in our universe but part of a living organism. A part that can be an asset to the body as a whole or part of a cancer that would destroy that body.

    I only wish our so called leaders would go to a nature retreat and try to see what is truly important in this wonderful world of ours before they try to “govern” us.

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