Posted by: CarolAnn | January 18, 2011


I imagine that our country can one day become the country it was destined to be…one of peace, prosperity and brotherly love. Perhaps I am a dreamer, and thus I have been called. I will never give up this hope as long as I live. We can all become the positive change we choose to be.

Maybe that means that we have to make some sacrifices in learning to live and let live.

Maybe that means that just because we do not agree that we have to try to reach a common ground.

Maybe that means that we must let bygones be bygones.

Maybe that means that instead of kicking folks when they are down we must give them a hand up.

Maybe that means inviting everyone into the conversation and not leaving one stone unturned.

Maybe that means we cannot always get what we want and like the Rolling Stones’ song, and get what we need.

Maybe that means giving instead of always receiving.

Maybe that means that every human being has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… and the freedom to be healthy.

Maybe that means practicing patience instead of practicing agitation.

Maybe that means practicing acceptance instead of intolerance.

Maybe that means putting aside our transgressions and offering forgiveness.

Maybe that means being peaceful instead of vengeful.

Maybe that means that I am not better than you and you are not better than me.

The world is a vast open space with a diversity of cultures and peoples from far and wide. Maybe we were all put on this big blue ball for a purpose. Maybe that purpose is to love and respect one another. Just maybe.



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