Posted by: CarolAnn | November 1, 2010

Social Media: the Art and Energy of Empathetic Dialog

Today, time, distance and space hold no bars in the world of communicating.  This platform exists in part to creative brainchild’s Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, among others.  We have all grown accustomed to the freedom of speech on the Net as it currently exists and quite frankly take it for granted.

It is this intricate web of conversation transmitted via fiber optics and satellite whereby you can easily express yourself with no inhibitions.  As you socialize with your web followers and friends, you are exchanging your pulse of energy with those around you.

It is not unheard of that energy can transmute from one person to another during face time; but is it possible through the Net as well? Action equals reaction. In this sense, when one energy moves or transfers its thought to another energetic source, the outcome is a change in the opposing energy’s motion.  How we communicate, in terms of relative energy (zero point energy), can be the trigger to an entire chain of events. The potential that exists within our words, our texts, our emails, our posts and our tweets is inconceivable.

Full steam ahead…

As social media continues to evolve, we find ourselves in a conundrum of how to employ it effectively in regards to networking for both personal and professional purposes. For some, it becomes a love connection, for most friendships, and for professionals: cutting-edge marketing in the 21st Century. But we are all really auditioning on the Net’s grand stage. It is an illusion to believe otherwise. We all want to play a vital role – that is why it is called social networking. We each feel a certain sense of duty or purpose to share our wisdom, our thoughts, our insights, our advice, and our feelings. To get away from our day-to-day routines in the “real world”, we find ourselves sifting through the virtual world to find our escape – our platform. And if we’re lucky, we find an audience willing to listen, willing to share ideas, willing to accept us into their own virtual environment.

The energetic connection that is unique to social media, is that in real-world relationships, most individuals would not walk up to a complete stranger and immediately ask him or her to be their friend. They would not randomly tell a stranger how they’re feeling, who they’re dating, what they’re wearing, what they’re eating, how they feel about politics, religion or other controversial subjects. In fact, for the most part, it would be safe to assume that most people migrate to their relatively small group of family member or friends and steer clear of random dialog with complete strangers.

The value of social media in empathetic dialog has not yet developed its full potential. It is beginning to happen in small steps but not leaps and bounds. In short spurts, we see how it is employed for political agendas, business marketing campaigns, and through YouTube immediate fame generation. The full prospects, however, are yet to be realized. While we collectively talk and exchange philosophies, ideologies, theories, visions and more, we are growing our social networks at the speed of lightening. The more we learn how to effectively express our thoughts, the greater impact and expansion we have in the virtual community. The best part of it is that we often have fun in doing so. It is, after all, our little escape.  In that same instance, we are becoming part of something greater…something bigger than we could ever perceive: ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

Sound a bit far-fetched? No, not really. Online, we laugh, we love and we “feel” for our social media friends although we have never seen them or spoken with them personally. Human empathy is a powerful force and one that has the innate ability to transform and mold the environment and future to an extraordinary place of peace and oneness. I will be participating and watching as this new era of empathy begins to take hold. Pay attention, you are part of this as well.

Social Media: the Art and Energy of Empathetic Dialog

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media, Philosophy and More

Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved



  1. wow ..thats right on …once again impressive perspective 🙂

  2. Thank you, Lincoln…now if we can only get everyone else up to speed, eh? 🙂

  3. I agree that this kind of communication can be transformative and build community where there may be none. I think that if we recognize the impact we may have on others it might astound us. Having a blog has revealed that to me, especially recently. Making a connection, an honest human connection with others via the internet–reaching out in ways that might make one fearful in everyday life–may bring with it profound returns of human interaction

  4. Always love your insights, Noelle. You and Lincoln are two of the very beautiful people who continue to make that impact and that difference to create that profound energy and human interaction on higher levels of consciousness. 🙂

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