Posted by: CarolAnn | August 23, 2010

Women: Finding Balance and Sanity Life

Ever feel like the Tiny Dancer in Elton John’s song?  You are the woman who does the impossible each and every day maintaining a delicate balancing act in work, relationships, home, hobbies, pets and leisure. Somewhere along the sands of life, you wake up and you are not just a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a grandmother, a professional, an artist, a musician, or a chef (among others)… suddenly, you are carrying so many identities that you cannot think or focus on who it is you are as a woman and what it is you really want out of life.  What happened to that playful gal who used to laugh and amuse herself at the small wonders in life? Abruptly you realize that your numerous identities have swallowed your sense of self and harmony.

How many masks do you wear?

The routines of switching the masks of childhood to motherhood, from professional to grandmother, from sensuality to rationality, and everything in between has caught you in the crossfire of life. Many of your intentions and goals have slipped to the wayside because you have taken another pathway, a detour, or have run into walls along the way. It is sometimes difficult trying to manage all the masks we wear as a woman.  Life has become an arduous chore at worst, barely livable at best.

It is an extreme juggling act

Does it feel sometimes like you are walking a tightrope or on egg shells just to keep your head above water? Part of you wants to play the mommy role, and at other times, you just want to be a woman in her unadulterated self: passionate, sexy, zany, proud, funny, silly, serious, smart, creative, clever… but totally you.  Other times, you want to be the caretaker. It is in woman’s nature to be the nurturer, and for the most part, we are good at it. We know how to take care of babies, feed our families, and create family time even in the midst of a hectic schedule. It’s rough being a woman. We have to do it all whilst at the same time, make sense of it all.

Remember the soap days?

Days of our Lives graphic courtesy of Wikipedia

Though we may or may not have watched soaps during our lifetime, we can all relate to the storylines from actors and actresses about how they had to go and “find themselves”. It was laughable back then because we really didn’t quite understand what it meant. Come on…who has to go out and find himself or herself? Well, we all do really. At some point in our lives, and especially as women, we tend to get caught up in all the versatile roles we play that we forget who we are. Somewhere along the line, we have lost our individual identity as a person. We are no longer viewed as women, but as so-and-so’s wife, or so-and-so’s mom, or so-and-so’s daughter. What happened? In order to maintain some sense of balance and sanity in our lives as women, we have to take a breather and a break from all the chaos so that we can reclaim our brilliance and individuality. I know…easier said than done. In the long run, however, it is important to remember who you are and what makes you the great woman that you are.

Men: here’s some common sense advice for you when the woman in your life is trying to find herself…from the classic voice of Tom Jones – never forget that She’s a Lady.

by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media, Philosophy and More!

Seasoned Social Media Specialist, Professional Blogger,
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