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Tom Clements: 2010 South Carolina Patriotic Candidate

Tom Clements for SC US Senate

Meet Tom Clements: the Green Party candidate who is offering South Carolina the independence and freedom from the chains and bondage of corporate elitism!

When asked why he chose to be affiliated with the Green Party, Clements said, “It is a time in my country to try and help open the political process to open more views. I feel the time is right for more political parties and different parties (other than) being represented by the two-party system. Citizens need to review the beliefs and tenements that affirm the individual and the environment over corporations and profits.”

Clements has his work cut out for him as he will be campaigning against incumbent Jim DeMint. “I think that entrenched incumbents are part of the reason why we have such a poisoned atmosphere in Washington,” says Clements, “I believe he is at the core of the problem of the two-party system. It is time to remove incumbents to get some fresh views.”

Foreign and Domestic Policies: Brains above brawn

Clements believes that fighting to lower the national debt and spending money here at home is a bigger form of patriotism.

“(I believe) that Afghanistan and Iraq were big mistakes that have helped bankrupt our country and undermine our security,” Clements says, “We need to terminate those wars and bring our soldiers back home and concentrate on transferring spending into domestic programs.”

Veterans of War, Veterans of Life

Google Images: Soldier and Flag

“War veterans are not getting the help they need,” says Clements, “(It is) unforgivable that the United States seems to forget the veterans once they come home.” The Green Party candidate added, “I disagree with the wars but I believe we have a moral obligation to take care of the physical and emotional needs of the soldiers once back in the United States.”  His plans to help war veterans to re-acquire a better life: “(I will) push in congress that veteran needs are addressed in an ongoing matter and not forgotten about.”

Peace takes work

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” – Martin Luther King

Clements accredits Martin Luther King, Jr. as being one of his life mentors because of his non-violent protests and social change work.

One of his memories of his youth that prompted Clements to seek public office was on a camping trip he took with the Boy Scouts, which helped develop his environmental ethics – but more so, during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, “When I thought that I would never see my friends again and that we would be obliterated by nuclear war –that had an impact on life.”

Clements noted that in order to establish productive Middle East communications that Iran (and other regional countries) must be brought into dialog about nuclear weapons to guarantee they will not develop nuclear weapons – this would include the participation of Israel in joining the nuclear weapons disarmament.

South Carolina Home Front Issues

Clements for South Carolina

On bringing green jobs to South Carolina Clements said: “I think South Carolina is missing out on opportunity in this new economy.  We have a huge economy for offshore wind and solar energy – I would support programs that would not just be short term investments but long term investments in alternative energies.” He added, “If Germany can now be leading the world in solar energy, South Carolina has the possibility to blow them off the map by taking advantage of that here with our abundance of sun.”

The 2007 socioeconomic decline has been devastating to this Nation, but Tom Clements has a plan to jumpstart the South Carolina economy:  “I regard myself as a fiscal conservative but pledge to listen to all view points. Part of addressing the jobs issues is how money is being spent on the federal level,” says Clements; “We need to stop running up the debt – we need to employ our vast resources that produce the most jobs – spending half of our budget on the military is not the sector that creates jobs for people. We need to shift jobs from military spending to where it creates jobs.”

On social and educational programs

Clements is committed to becoming more informed from experts and teachers about how to address problems in the educational system: “It is the highest importance that we provide full resources to the schools in South Carolina. I have to develop this and look to educators to help me develop concrete policies.  Both my parents were educators,” says Clements. He states that he is fully dedicated to the public school system so that it receives proper funding. He adds, “The national debt is depriving our State from receiving moneys they should. While he does not have complete information on community pathways like school-to-work programs, he believes that they hold great promise both for students and society at large – especially by giving service back for providing education. I think these programs should be developed and supported.”

Environmental Champion

Clements keeping South Carolina Beautiful and Healthy

As the Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for the US branch of Friends of the Earth in Columbia, South Carolina since January 2008, Clements focuses on issues related to nuclear power and nuclear waste.  He considers himself to be a leading advocate for clean energy in South Carolina, which means not investing in nuclear power. “I’ve led the fight for the South Carolina public service commission and am the public interest watchdog at the Savannah River site (to) get it cleaned up and to prevent people like DeMint from turning South Carolina into a dumpsite.”

Clements commented on the Gulf Coast oil catastrophe, “The Oil gusher in the Gulf is a tragedy that we have to learn from – the response has been inadequate but we need to use this as a learning moment to reassess our dependence on oil.   Offshore oil might be the most threatening place to drill.  We need to look more deeply at our own lifestyles; and our consumption is at the root of the problem.”

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Tom Clements: 2010 South Carolina Patriotic Candidate
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  1. What is your proposal for cheap energy, to replace gasoline, for the next 20 years, while cheap alternative energy sources are being developed ? We will have to have a low cost alternative to replace oil, or the country will go bankrupt.

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