Posted by: CarolAnn | June 10, 2010

Book Review: The Power of OM

What is The Power of OM that renowned author and humble master of the spiritual condition, Keith Johnson professes so candidly?  Is it simply a word or is it in the great words of Dr. Seuss , “And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. “ He talks about Christmas meaning a little bit more?  “OM” is not at all about a holiday tradition or a children’s story. It is in fact, about living a life with significance and intention…and also one where individuals learn how to pursue a higher state of consciousness and philosophy on wellness in a variety of deeper levels.

In Johnson’s “The Power of OM,” he reminds us that OM is the Divine Word that represents the Divine Source of our lives.  It is that inherent power of bliss and joy that only OM can bring us when we welcome it into our lives.  Are you on your own spiritual journey? Is there a feeling of lack in your life that you just cannot understand? Or are you simply embarking on a path towards whom you truly are and where your intentions will bring you?

Follow this easy-to-understand life-atlas in “The Power of OM” so that you, too, may find the peace, joy and inner wisdom that you have been missing out on all these years. This essential guide to living helps lead you through your innate abilities, your family, your liberation, truth and beyond.  Submerse yourself in the wonder of you and learn how to be in the stillness of spirit.  Johnson states, “In the depths of silence and stillness, you cannot but help experiencing the Transcendental OM. It is there for the taking. It is there to be experienced in the fullest sense.Isn’t it time you do?

Learn more about this transformational book here:  The Power of Om

Read about the Author, Keith Johnson

Book Review: The Power of Om

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media, Philosophy, Poetry and More

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  1. Hi Carol

    Thank you for this review and introducing and sharing this book with us.

    I have slowly started to practice various chants and incorporate the power of “om” – still irregular, but it feels so good, even in those small moments.

  2. […] has been my experience and it is my wish for all my readers and visitors to benefit just the same. You can click here to read CarolAnn’s review. The weekend is almost here Please bookmark and share this […]

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