Posted by: CarolAnn | May 26, 2010

Torch Across America Around the Globe Relay Event

Torch Across America

Around the Globe

Relay Event

“America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration.” ~ Warren G. Harding

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to say, enough is enough. We have watched, in agony, as the Gulf stream waters have been turned into a toxic cocktail of oil and contaminants from “dispersants”. We have stood by and helplessly watched birds and other wildlife be pulled and scooped from the clutches of lethal goo only to die eventually from carcinigenic fumes and debris that have entered through their skin, their gills, their fur, and through ingestion.

Imagine a tiny, helpless infant falling into a bat of toxic oil. Flailing around with no help, no way out. Eventually, filling its little mouth and lungs with black death. This is what a tragic oil spill can and will do to every living thing it comes in contact with. There are no second chances for our aquatic life, the marshes, the delicate wetlands and coral reef, the manatee, the fishing grounds and livelihood of fishermen… in fact, for every day this oil spews into our environment, we are one step closer to endangering the most precious species on earth: humankind.

We, the American people, are angry and feeling hopelessly betrayed by the corporations and overseeing authorities who have neglected our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been trampled by willful negligence and a preventable oil blowout. Had these companies and organizations (BP, TransOcean, Haliburton and the MMS – Mineral Management Services) effectively done their jobs by preserving life and limb and had put people — the AMERICAN people — before profits, we would not be having this discussion today.

“We must get angry and then turn those raw emotions into something powerful, productive and positive for the sake of our planet and for the sake of humanity.” ~ CarolAnn Bailey Lloyd

Which brings us to today… We are at a pivotal crosspoint in the history of not just the United States, but in the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for. In a grassroots effort, I propose that we, the American people and global citizens from around the world come together on the Summer Solstice of 2010 – June 21 to form a collaborative alliance as the human race to determine our future and the future of our planet. We are not helpless to this calamity that was negligently released upon us by those who we have entrusted with our care and the care of our environment. We are not without resolution. We are not without hope. We are not powerless.

Tentatively, on June 21, 2010, I and compassionate, empowered members of our local, National and Global communities will be coming together to light a Torch Across America and around the Globe to signify our dismay over the Gulf oil explosion. We are going to be “burning the flame” of hope and humanity to let our brothers and sisters from around the world know that we are no longer going to be victims of negligence and beligerence. The group that we have created to kickstart on FaceBook is BP is BC: Beyond Catastrophic. We are growing stronger and louder as each day goes by. And with each day, we are one step closer to triumph. One step closer to being victorious over those who have harmed us with blatant disregard of our environment, our aquatic and land life, and the human race.

We are the ones we have been waiting for! Today, I am asking you to give your life a sense of purpose…a sense of duty…and a sense of honor on behalf of humankind. I am asking you to make your voice heard and count in this grand stage we call life. Tentatively, on June 21, 2010 I am asking you to stand up from Coast to Coast to carry the Torch Across America and around the Globe. We will simultaneously burn an online torch from one person to the next on social media networks FB, Twitter, etc. as well. The “Torch Across America” signifies our protest to big oil (ergo burning the oil) and the flame of light to encourage hope for a clean environment and a brighter future without offshore drilling. Please take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in this International movement to actively initiate a positive change in this country and around the world.

Please email me at to pledge a time and place where you might be willing to hold up your candle, hold up your torch, hold up your lamplight, hold up your match stick, hold up your flashlight, hold up your solar light! Take this time to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Take this time to become the hero for humanity…because in the end, we are all we have and we are all that is left to defend our planet.

Once we have enough volunteers to participate in the June 21, 2010 worldwide, peaceful demonstration in the Torch Across America and around the Globe relay, I will be contacting all of you via email and through the Facebook group, BP is BC: Beyond Catastrophic. Stay tuned and let us make a positive and dramatic impact on our planet beginning today!


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