Posted by: CarolAnn | May 19, 2010

Onyx Apocalypse

Onyx apocalypse
filling the deep void
Slow, choking liquid gold
Murky asphyxiation
Sea life
now devoid of life
Limply submerged
cold ink swallowed
by affluence
shareholders await
the banks
of the overflowing waste pits
and pipeline breaks
Noxious fumes
cloaking and consuming
all that breathes
And the indigenous few that survive
They are the ones
Who sustain the brunt
of greed and desecration.
Onyx apocalypse
how much more
can this old earth take?
How much more
can mankind forsake?
Onyx apocalypse
NO! No drill baby drill
It is an end to a means
and the means
to an end
the human race.

© Onyx Apocalypse
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media, Philosophy, Poetry and More



  1. onyx apocalypse is my killjoy name! (found this when i googled it ;P) and to be honest wouldn’t the end of the human race be a good thing? Maybe not for us but what about the billions of animals that we have hunted or forced into extinction… which we will undoubtably do for more species… good points though, we really have made a mess of things.

  2. That’s kind of cool (the name paradox!) Glad you enjoyed the poetry. 🙂

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