Posted by: CarolAnn | March 8, 2010

Book Review: Health It’s All About Concsiousness by Ivan Rados

Namaste Publishing recently pulled out the stops with its latest perceptive author, Ivan Rados. His innovative book Health It’s All About Consciousness elaborates precisely on what its name implies.  Easy to comprehend, Rados’ philosophical outlook on life and living in the here and now helps readers to realize the potential of simply being in absolute oneness in well-beingness.

Bringing awareness to what it means to live in wellness is what Rados does with his soothing and intoxicating dialogue.  He writes, “No amount of thinking will produce health; at best it accomplishes only a shifting around of blocked energy.  It’s when we separate ourselves from thought that we become healthy and we do this simply by witnessing our thoughts.” How often have you found yourself bathed in sickness only to realize that you have invited dis-ease by collaborating with negative thinking? Our thought patterns can and will affect our frame of mind, our spiritual constitution, and our physical health…but it is not just negativity, as Rados explains, it is in fact the process by which we perceive an illness or dis-ease to be. When we free our egoic mind from the burdens it indulges, and we reconcile with the acceptance that is – and the oneness that is our Divine source, then and only then can we become cognizant of our higher consciousness in relation to wellness.

A wellspring of knowledge and enlightenment, Health It’s All About Consciousness is a treasure trove of infinite wisdom that can help individuals see clear through to the foundation of their dis-ease and how to facilitate the energetic flow of the inherent oneness that leads to wellness.

Learn more about Ivan Rados and his book, “Health It’s All About Consciousness” here:

Book Review: Health It’s All About Concsiousness by Ivan Rados
By CarolAnn Bailey-LloydSocial Media, Philosophy and More



  1. Thank you for posting about Ivan’s new book. I read his previuos book “Create Yourself” and it was amazing experience. Real study into human being and our potential. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge with this new material. Cheers, Alecander Atza Visnic

  2. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, Alexander — this book was very enlightening and will surely add more insight into any one’s life. 😉

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