Posted by: CarolAnn | February 19, 2010

What is all the BUZZ about?

With Google’s debut of ” Buzz” – the online, inline Gmail social network, what’s a social media gal (or guy) to do? If you are not connected to Gmail, now is the time to get Buzztripped and see what’s buzzing in your neck of the social networking community.  A cross between Twitter, Digg and Reddit with enhanced photo and video display, as well as interconnectivity to your mobile device, Google Buzz adds spice to your virtual life with a flick of your wrist and the tap of your fingertips!

Twitter (among other social media networking sites) apps like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and allow us to social network in one frame while concurrently working on other projects…but with the introduction of Google Buzz, we get that and so much more! While still in the beginning phases, Buzz appears to be picking up momentum as more social media gurus pick up on its social reach. Already, SuperBuzzBees Ashton Kutcher and Mashable have acquired a substantial following in just mere days; but with the rapid expansion and sensation that is quickly becoming the powerhouse it is, Buzz will surely make an impact in the way we facilitate social media networks both now and in the future for business and pleasure.

The nice aspect about having Buzz integrated into your Gmail account is the fact that you know longer have to go to another online window to read your email and have a conversation at the same time. All Buzz posts come directly to you, where you can comment by simply replying. Additionally, if that’s not enough for your tech savvy mentality, go ahead and facilitate Gmail Labs where you can add extra services to your Gmail sidebar like Twitter posting,, Facebook and Google docs, among other cool gadgets! If you need help integrating these services with your Google Buzz, just go to this great BuzzSource by Mashable: How to integrate Facebook, Twitter and Buzz into your Gmail

If Buzz becomes a bit much for you or you just need a break from what everyone is “buzzing” about, then you can “mute” posts or just “turn off” Buzz for a little while. I believe Buzz is the next big thing to Twitter and will certainly prove to be a strong adversary in the social media climate. Go ahead, you know you want to…catch the Buzz and you’ll be Buzztripping before you know it!

For kicks and giggles, and taking the lead from Ashton, here are a few Buzz terms to get you bzz’ng:

  1. BuzzTripped – addicted to Google Buzz (Also referred to as “Buzztripping”)
  2. BuzzLightening – super-fast dialogue
  3. BuzzTeasing – posting a photo or link (blog, article, video, etc.) to another source
  4. BuzzBee – Google Buzz member
  5. SuperBuzzBee – Leading Buzzbee of Google Buzz
  6. Buzztageous – Catching the Buzz from a friend
  7. Buzzed – when your Buzz material has been reposted
  8. HotBuzz – top trend or news on Buzz
  9. Debuzzed – a “Buzz” post that’s been muted
  10. BuzzDoc – Go-to person who has all the answers about “Buzz” and other social media
  11. BuzzScrooge – Individual who puts out “Buzzes” but doesn’t communicate with other BuzzBees
  12. Buzzscammer/Buzzspammer – self explanatory
  13. BuzzSource – Online site or page related to or associated with Google Buzz

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What’s all the Buzz about?

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