Posted by: CarolAnn | February 8, 2010

OPED: Real American Patriots – an endangered species?

Living in America these days, I sometimes feel…for a lack of better words, like I’m walking on broken glass. Did Lennox have the foresight to know what type of world in which we would live in the new millennium?  We are at a brink of a revolution but it is not the kind of revolution one would think it would be.  We live in a hostile world. Everyone is afraid of everyone else. No one trusts anyone. The patriarchs of this nation have come home to roost; and because we live in a country where there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians, we are becoming a nation divided against one another.

When I watch television and see the endless tides of “tea baggers” and their hate-fueled signs I have to ask myself, “Where did we go wrong?”  When did health care for all become an omen of evil taxation? When did helping our fellow man, woman and child become a non-Christian thing to do?  But I digress.

If we keep up with the times, we find that everyday a new species is becoming endangered. From the blue whale to the Siberian Tiger, we understand the concept of what it is to be endangered…near extinction. In a nation constructed from a long line of patriots (both American and Native American), we find ourselves on that same distinct level of endangerment. We have become inadvertently preoccupied with fad movements, which are based on hyperbolic euphemisms facilitated by a few political handlers who know how to manipulate the masses and how to deviate from the real threats facing us today.


The real “terrorism” that we encounter today does in no way parallel the acts of September 11 – a date that will forever live in infamy. In fact, the terrorism we now face is directly staring at us and we do not even notice it. It has become a subtle psychological warfare that has been waged on US citizens in such a contemptible and manipulative way that those who have been swept away with the flood of anti-Americanism and highly disrespectful slogans by touting “No-Bama” “WWRD* (What Would Reagan Do)” “Bury Obamacare” and numerous other incendiary phrases and racist depictions* are the ones who will suffer mainly under the guise of an “anti-socialism” movement.   These same individuals are being duped by the same party that brought us two wars, a near-economic crash, and a record deficit that will take decades upon decades to repair. Now is not the time to divide and conquer. Now is not the time to divide this nation any further than it already is.

I have to wonder sometimes what Limbaugh must have been thinking when he said that he hoped that the President of the United States would fail*. Sadly, many of his listeners were in agreement with this unbelievable statement. Does that make them patriots? No. That makes them enemies of the States…or in other words, “enemy combatants” as former VP Cheney used to love tossing around in speech. I may not have agreed with the past administration but never in a million years would I have pined for the President or any other president for that matter to fail. Does no one realize that if our President fails, so does this country?

I cannot begin to imagine what type of scrambled-egg mess President Obama walked into. Nearly eight years of war, an economy on the brink of collapse, thousands of American war dead, Wall Street holding the US hostage, and a left-over monument of debt to foreign nations, among a click of naysayers going only to bat for the wealthy and well-connected. Yet here we are today in a land of idiocracy where it has become mob-rule with a handful of misinformed, (some uneducated) vulnerable Americans who believe everything they see and hear on certain propaganda news channels. Am I missing something?

Time to wake up!

Real American Patriots of this Nation are standing up and fighting for health care rights for all US citizens. Real American Patriots are trying (and have been trying) to bring our troops home from major conflict zones. Real American Patriots are open-minded, unbigoted and ready to roll up their sleeves to make this nation work again by putting our people back to work in green jobs, health care, and in education. Real American Patriots act and lead with human moral conscience and are prime examples of “WWJD”; irregardless of faith, religion, sex, race, or age. Real American Patriots would not let a fallen brother fall to the wayside because they would be the first ones to carry him to safety. Real American Patriots are not reversing the hands of time to bring us back to a pre-civil war era where slavery and women’s inequality was acceptable. Real American Patriots stand up for those less fortunate than themselves just because it is morally and ethically the right thing to do. Even God said not to judge less ye be judged…but I digress.

Real American Patriots are becoming an endangered species because our nation has come to a heated boiling point where everybody’s wrong and nobody’s right. At what point do we move forward so that we can begin enjoying the freedom and liberties that our countrymen fought so hard to achieve and retain? At what point to we bury our murderous, racist and sexist past so that all men, women and children can lead healthier, happier lives in these United States? As a real American Patriot, I am a representation of what a genuine American is. With roots from my Cherokee ancestors, I am also Irish and German…but I am an American first. I refuse to let this Nation go to pot so that a few elite can hammer away the justice and equality that we continue to fight to achieve and preserve still to this day.

OPED: Real American Patriots – an endangered species?

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media & More

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