Posted by: CarolAnn | January 27, 2010

OPED: Fear Wombats and Regressive Politics in the Worst Way

Had someone asked me over a decade ago what the state of the Union would be, I would have clearly imagined that we would still be living under the umbrella of a National surplus and that economic growth would have been at full speed ahead. But I digress.

911 ushered in a new era of “feverish patriotism” that was never seen before in our lifetimes. The “shock and awe” of such a horrific event threw most American citizens into a tailspin of all sorts. We wept; we were angered beyond imagination, and then came the rest of the story…

Suddenly, “patriotism” was the word of the day. No longer could we keep our emotions unbridled and in check. We were out for the jugular. We were going to stamp out terrorism wherever it was because how dare some other country or radical group wage war on our soil? Initially, I was one of the patriotic folks ready for vengeance. Then came a sigh…and a rational that overcame my senses. The corporate media, of course, helped propagate our innate hatred by beating the war drums. They did not stop there, however; they even spoon-fed us bits and pieces of “who done it.” After all was said and done, we were not merely entangled in one war but two.

Let’s fast-forward to 2010. The cost (of both these wars) has now reached beyond one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00). That’s a lot of greenbacks. Not only is the cost inconceivable, it is coming directly out of the pockets of hard-working American taxpayers. Sadly, billions upon billions of those tax-payer dollars are unaccounted for thanks to American Government contractors like DynCorp, among others. Sadly, these conglomerates and their employees earn far more in comparison to our American soldiers who lay their lives on the line daily. Beyond that, corporations as such have had the whistle blown on them time and time again for shoddy workmanship, wasteful and erroneous spending, as well as more clandestine offenses to include child sex trafficking. Yet we continue to bankroll these companies whilst giving their employees tax-free, hard-earned American tax-paying dollars. To top it off, with Justice Roberts’ latest ruling, companies like Blackwater and DynCorp now have the right of “personhood,” which only furthers their greedy and corrupt agendas.

How much of your hard-earned dollars is tax free? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you haven’t, isn’t it time you did? Let’s fast-forward a little bit more…

The United States is not a third-world country; however, if you actually take a look at the economically-challenged people of this country, you will find that over 43.8 million American citizens are without health care. In any case, these sad statistics are not by choice. One American dies every 12 minutes (men, women and children). That’s a fact. Most of these folks are hard-working constituents just like the rest of us. Some may be unemployed due to layoffs; others are working in service industries where the economic pay scale has not caught up with the actual cost of modern-day living. And where would the good ole’ United States be without our food-service workers (you know…Mickey D’s, BK, KFC, etc.), farmers, retailers (i.e. Wally World), hospitality and tourism industries, and school bus drivers and crossing guards, among others? The argument against these impoverished citizens is that “they could have gone to school.” Yes, they could have if the opportunity and funding was there. Education is extremely important. However, without these fundamental and capitalistic services, where would this Nation be? To top it off, many of those with access to health care insurance, are commonly denied benefits due to caps and the “fine print,” which are intentionally not revealed until an individual has to fight to obtain services for his autistic child; or when an individual is diagnosed with a terminal illness like cancer, heart disease, or other detrimental disorder. The real “death panels” are not run by government, they have been run by big health insurance companies; who are eager to cut the purse strings as soon as a client truly needs the help…shameful. But again…I digress.

Let’s rewind… the cost of a Medicare-for-all bill would offer valuable savings not only to small businesses, but to individuals and large companies as well. More importantly, it would reduce the heavy emotional and financial burdens that big insurance corporations levy on the average American citizen.  Can we really put a cost on preserving life and limb? There are so many groups in this Nation who are pro-life proponents and will stop at nothing to prevent abortions; yet some of these same groups are eager to let their American fellows die needlessly due to lack of health care. Where is the justice?

Up-front and center! Multimedia marketing campaigns were launched by money-hungry mongrels to fool the American people into believing that a Medicare-for-all bill (or a “Public Option”) would be touted with “death panels,” would hurt our economy, and would god-forbid: raise our taxes! Shame on those wasteful-spending bureaucrats… the truth, however is that the overall, long-term cost savings and pro-life benefits in this type of health care bill, far outweigh the financial burdens and hardships that have been placed on the average American citizen (including our Stateside soldiers and families) for two wars without end, wasteful spending of hard-earned tax-payer dollars to corrupt government contractors,  and super-wealthy insurance CEOs who’s rare joy is to pass cruel and thoughtless judgment on whether or not someone lives or dies.

Where is your heart? Where is your mind? Where are you in your thoughts at this point? If you are a real, angry American Patriot, then do something to make a difference. Contact your local and national representatives to stop wasteful corporate spending and help get real health care reform passed today!

Just my two cents…

OPED: Fear Wombats and Regressive Politics in the Worst Way

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  1. It certainly isn’t the Millennium we hoped for. Who knew there were so many people eager to drag humanity back to the dark ages.

    I remember 9-11 well, but the effect on the world has taken over gradually and destructively.

  2. The positive news in all of this is that when this country understands that it’s been duped, there will be a popular voice in unison singing at the tops of their lungs to put an end to the oligarchy that become much of our government through corporate media sponsorship. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jack — appreciate your feedback. 😉

  3. You said a lot in a short space Carol Ann.
    It amazes me how so much has come to the surface in the last 15 years. The painfulness is watching as our money tree gets chopped down in our back yard and we are standing there dumb founded with our mouth open, because it is our Government who is cutting at the branches as we watch almost helpless. If we go out to stop it, we will be arrested or will give us some story that it is all for our good and they are only taking some branches now so they can make the tree more balanced for the future..
    I try to stay out of it all , but it is really hard. Thank God we still have the freedom to express our point of view without being beaten or put in prision.
    As for the health care. I think everyone should have it if they cannot afford it provided that they work or can prove they have such a hardship they can’t. Jesus said to his disciples, if you don’t work, you don’t eat.
    Very nice article Carol Ann – Impressive!!!
    Love , Rev. Tom Stuart

  4. Thanks for taking the time to read and provide your insightful feedback, Tom — it’s nice getting a real clergyman’s perspective on this. Too many have fallen to the wayside these days and don’t give a hoot, nor would they want to give a hoot in protecting the poor and desperate. Unfortunately, we have some GOP leaders like Andre Bauer (claiming to have “christian values”) who would love to starve the children of SC. Have you seen that story yet? Sad, but true. 😦

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