Posted by: CarolAnn | December 8, 2009

Stumbleupon – Another Branding Social Media Network

Stumbleupon is yet another social media network that allows you to brand yourself and your business.  The unique difference that StumbleUpon (also referred to as “SU”) offers its users an innovative platform to blog, post and share links, and give the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on various sites, blogs, and other postings.  In addition to the bells and whistles of having your very own blog site, StumbleUpon lets its users post comments and reviews of each individual posting much like Facebook — the main difference being that it combines the social networking commentary of Facebook with the boost of Digg. 

Just like other blog sites, StumbleUpon lets its users install a tool bar on their browsers to “thumb up” or “thumb down” prospective sites.  But, the best part of SU is that you don’t have to go searching for individual sites or blogs in one particular topic because StumbleUpon lets you do that just by clicking on “Start Stumbling.”  Once you’ve made your selection — from cartoons to self improvement, among many others, the SU search engine presents you with Websites and other blogs that you can surf, read, comment, share, and more!  This isn’t your typical social networking site because it lets you become the sea captain on your own voyage in search of new horizons; and lets you “Discover the best of the web in less time.”  Favorite the sites you like, or just leave a thoughtful review.  Friend people with like interests, send messages to one another, and if you really like what they offer on StumbleUpon, you can review their SU site, too!  Also, don’t forget to share your favorites on Facebook and Twitter — because SU lets you do that as well.  On the StumbleUpon tool bar, you’ll discover unique tabs that let you share with your SU subscribers, twitter, and facebook.  Similar to Digg, your message gets delivered in real time direct to their email box on SU and in their personal email. 

Even if you aren’t friends with an online subscriber  “stumbler,” you can subscribe to their posts. Likewise, others who find your postings interesting can subscribe to you!  When you’ve found a top-notch post or Website, feel free to expand its presence on your SU blog by sharing it with fellow stumblers, who subscribe to your page.  Got a suggestion for new stumblers? Suggest your SU site for subscription and they might just jump on board!

Words to the wise: Don’t expect fellow stumblers to stumble every bit of information you post on your SU site. Share and share alike to let others know that you care enough to take the time to review and share their postings.  It’s generally a good idea to “stumble” their posts before asking others to “stumble” your posts.  Another mistake that new stumblers make is only posting items from their blogs or Websites. While it’s fine to offer your fresh work, be sure to favorite and discover new sites to demonstrate your positive reciprocation.

Like most social media, StumbleUpon offers individuals and professionals alike the opportunity to brand themselves, their business, and beyond.  How you approach your network marketing plan is equally as important to transforming your niche product or service into a brand like no other. Happy stumbling! 

PSWant to learn more about StumbleUpon before you sign up? Check out this cool and informative page from SU to learn more!

Peace 🙂

Stumbleupon – Another Branding Social Media Network

By CarolAnnBSocial Media Sorceress and more

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