Posted by: CarolAnn | November 24, 2009

Dream Weaver’s Magic

Dream weaver, spin your golden realm
as night falls upon me and I drift to dreamland
Wave your magical wand and gently fill my air
with perfumed rose petals in dreamy sleep’s snare

Paint a sky of blue, purple, if you please
sprinkle with silver dust and a smattering of trees
and sculpt a cobble-stone bridge, in the middle of the way
and spring an ocean breeze ‘midst the glistening, sunny rays

And dream weaver, send me love; and happiness, too
make me laugh carefree with joy, and send away my blues
And when I wake, and find my troubles once again nearby
Dream weaver spill your magical dust;
Once more, I’ll close my eyes.

Dream Weaver’s Magic
by CarolAnn Bailey-LloydSocial Media Sorceress & More
Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved
Excerpt from “Awakenings”



  1. its gud

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