Posted by: CarolAnn | November 19, 2009

The Distinguished Gentleman – a candid look at Robert Dobbs

Robert Dobbs

Robert Dobbs 2010

Robert Dobbs, Democratic Congressional Candidate for the 1st District in South Carolina acquired his flavor for politics when he was just 18 years old. His early political life was primarily in the Republican Party; however, Dobbs explained that vital social issues changed his views, “I walked away a number of years ago (from the Republicans) because they were not inclusive of someone with a moderate to liberal political belief.”

On a more sober note, Dobbs expressed his deep concerns and life passion for equality in health care, “Having children with autism has really opened my eyes to the system; and how it doesn’t always work for people with disabilities.” Dobbs remarked that his experience working in government has given him the inside knowledge on how to make the (health) system work for people and for people with disabilities. “(It’s) families and disabled people who’ve driven me towards congress,” says Dobbs.  Having been a victim of big health care insurance policies, Dobbs understands the grave situation average American families face each and every day; especially those suffering from a range of ailments that are commonly turned down by health insurance – even denying woman health care treatments due to rape and domestic abuse. One of Dobbs primary objectives when elected to Congress is to strongly support health care reform that will provide access to affordable health insurance for every American and prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone based on “pre-existing conditions”– simultaneously controlling health care costs for the middle class. “I see what is going to happen,” says Dobbs, “the senate is going to water down the healthcare bill. The members of congress need to come back to establish the public option or Medicare- for- all.”

Dobbs also praised the President’s funding plan, “When President Obama took office; within 30 days he sent money to the States to assist the Medicaid programs, which included autism therapy.  My daughter was on a waiting list for therapy services and probably would not have been off the list for about two years if it wasn’t for President Obama.”

Dobbs comes across as sincere, personable, and open-minded. He has a penchant for the ordinary citizen; and has demonstrated his proclivity in that regard when he told me how one Wisconsin woman tremendously inspired him, “I met Ms. Vel Phillips; an older, nice lady that opened my eyes to what’s been happening in the inner cities.”  Dobbs worked alongside the civil rights leader brainstorming on how to bring social justice to these often-forgotten communities.

Among his many life inspirations, Dobbs remarked how his wife (who used to work for Senator Russ Feingold) helped mold his opinion into what it is today. Fondly, Dobbs recalled what his wife Kirsten had told him long ago, “Your beliefs and ideals are much bigger than the Republican Party can take. You need to follow that passage.”

Dobbs believes that the small business owners are the lifeblood of America.  “I was right at the front lines when my business took the brunt,” says Dobbs, but after restructuring, “I’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge to bring to Congress to help perpetuate a healthy economy.” Dobbs said that if 10 or 20 small companies have the economic boost to add 10 jobs here and there that these numbers will start adding up quickly.  

When asked what advice he could offer the President on the war in Afghanistan, Dobbs replied, “I would ask for immediate withdrawal – no more money going to Afghanistan.  If the Afghan people want to pay government contractors (on their own) that would be fine,”he paused, “Afghanistan is the second most corrupt government in the world, and we’re pouring millions of dollars into this country. We need to set a one-year time frame to withdraw troops.” He went onto saying that currently the people of Afghanistan are not getting the necessary funding and the reason they hate us is because we’ve been supporting a corrupt government there.

An animal lover and family man, Dobbs said, “I’m no better than anyone else – I’m just a man — I don’t look down on people, I don’t criticize. I’m just a guy.”  Dobbs joined the military because he believed he should for his country.  And today, he believes in his people in his district, in his nation…and he believes that there are those who want to make a difference. “We have to have someone fighting there for us; someone who is listening to the people,” says Dobbs.

When asked what his greatest blessings in life were, Dobbs said, “My children are the biggest blessing in my life – they give me such a focus; they make me happy. You love every day you’re around them – your whole family gives you drive and inspiration to keep you going – all you care is that you’re there – that’s what makes your day.”

The Distinguished Gentleman – a candid look at Robert Dobbs
Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd



  1. MY GOD…do you mean Sou’f’ Carolina actually might get a REAL politician?

  2. We’re hoping so! 🙂


  4. I would like Mr. Dobbs to elaborate on his combat experience. He has been probed regarding possible exaggerations on his bio (claims to have led an infantry and recon (scout) team during combat operations). If he wants to be a truly transparent candidate, he should explain where he gained his combat experience in the US Army Airborne between 1986 and 1989. Still waiting….

  5. You gotta be kiddin’ me! Me thinks Robert Dobbs filed bankruptcy in Two Rivers, WI and split town. He also is embroiled in a lawsuit where he took money from the Autism Society, for kids who DON’T have the symptoms…and they want the money back! He was a BUM on the Manitowoc County Board of Supervisors, worst attendance in 100 years of recorded attendance. A first class BUM. You folks are in for the ride of your lives, especially, if you’re dumb enough to make a contribution to him.

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