Posted by: CarolAnn | November 10, 2009

OPED: Democrats and Republicans: Get off your throne!

Vote your conscience…

cbl-clipart-statue-of-libertyAt no other time in the history of these United States is it more critical or more urgent to move forward with a robust health care plan that will support the vast majority of American citizens.

How is it that our President, Congress and Senate can support the deployment of 40,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, yet grossly fail to allocate humane compassion; wielding incomprehensive disdain for the many American citizens who have no health care insurance, can’t afford health care insurance, are denied health care coverage, or worse… become one of the grim statistics of being one in every 12 minutes dying due to that lack of health care coverage?

What consciences do you – our elected officials – possess; if any at all? The very HEALTH CARE INSURANCE BENEFITS that Congressional Representatives and Senators receive are paid on the backs of the average American worker…and sadly, most that can not afford health care insurance for themselves or their families.

Last I checked this is not supposed to be a society of the haves and have-nots. We are the first country to rush to the aid of foreign nations when calamity strikes…yet within our own borders; our hypocrisy knows no boundaries — we willfully and arrogantly neglect the very citizens who will give their shirts off their backs to help their fellow man.

cbl-clipart-dog-tagsTo date, the cost of war in Iraq alone, is on the verge of breaking $700,000,000,000 —  this, in addition to the countless thousands upon thousands who have been maimed, tortured and killed in two wars without end. What conscience must one have to overlook the grave statistics and infinite price tag of war in the shameful name of killing; but concurrently lose the soul of humanity to its own citizens by depriving them of vital health care necessary to not only the wellbeing of its countrymen and women, but to the economic security and growth of a nation in extreme dire straits.

The saddest part of it all is that the very same elected officials stake claim to Christianity but are in no shape or form anything like Jesus Christ. “Do onto others as you would have done onto you.” If this is the case, then you – our elected officials – must walk in the mire and mud along with the US citizens that you have willfully betrayed with your false pride and superiority. You – our elected officials – must give up your tax dollar benefits like government-ran health care insurance, retirement, and yes…even your glorified salaries unworthy of the representation that you so elect to destroy with your constant acts of vengeance upon the American people. But I digress.

We are in fact, involved in a war on terror. However, it is not the terrorists of foreign nations and those within our own borders like Timothy McVeigh who shutter my bones with fear and malevolence …no, rather – the war on terror that is waged within the people of the United States by the elected officials who seek nothing more but to divide and conquer the minds, hearts, and souls of the very people who empowered them to the thrones on which they sit.

To our elected leaders – I implore you to vote your conscience. If you do not have a conscience, then it is time you got one or step down from your pulpit on high. Because this time, the American people cannot…will not allow you to toss us to the wayside for your highfalutin politics intended for selfish, personal gain. No – no more will we, the majority of the American public, let you get away with stealing the only dignity that we have left as a people – our mental, emotional and physical health. We demand a robust public option. We expect nothing less.

OPED: Democrats and Republicans: Get off your throne!
Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd
Author, Commentator & Social Media Sorceress  



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