Posted by: CarolAnn | October 6, 2009

Freebird I-II (Poetry & Art)

The Beach Lighthouse - Digital Art by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

The Beach Lighthouse - Digital Art by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

Freebird I & II

Freebird I

Freebird, fly
Into the open sky
Don’t let the illusion
Pass you by
Keep reaching for the stars
And you will go far
Don’t cry freebird
Standing in the rain
Your heart is an arrow
In all your saddened pain
No one can stop you
From becoming what you want
Just follow your dreams
Follow your heart
Hold your head high
And leave the past behind
Take a stand
Build a new life
Tread into the sunlight
As if tomorrow shall never come
Live for today
Freebird, do not run
Your sorrows are just
Roadblocks in time
You’re a heartbeat away
From eternal life
And when you bask in all your glory
You’ll never again, have a single worry
How rewarding is life
When you see it through
Search within your soul
For the strength inside you
Fly away, freebird
Into the open sky
Dream your dreams
And hold your head high

Freebird II

Like the eagles soaring high
Freebirds spread their wings and fly
Into vast valleys and open lands
Over mountains and desert sands
So if you see me standing there
And in my eyes
The soul is bare
Peace is in eternal light
Freebird can end its plight
For cold is like an open wound
It cuts the heart through and through
And as the freebird flies
Into the dark of night
Its domain it sees
The shore upon the seas
Freebird’s journey is the chapter
That closed the final page
As its bleeding heart ascends
Into Heaven’s bay
So now the freebird flies
Into the open skies
Dreaming his dreams
As he holds his head high
He’s not a moment away now
From eternal life

The Beach Lighthouse, Freebird I & Freebird II
by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media Sorceress


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