Posted by: CarolAnn | October 6, 2009

Dementias on the Brain

Mark Sanford (Google Images)

Mark Sanford (Google Images)

 From the freewheeling, “going rogue” Sarah Palin; you betcha! — to the “slit our wrists” Congresswoman Michele Bachman, to the poetic love sonnets of Governor Mark Sanford, to the ramblings of Senator John Boehner with his “I haven’t met anyone for public health care,” to Texas Governor Perry’s wanton rants about secession and the recent cover up (of the execution of an innocent man), to Congressman Joe Wilson’s embarrassing outburst during the presidential address to congress, and let’s not forget Senator Demint’s support of the Honduran military coup (of the democratically-elected president) and his own comments about how openly-gay people and single mothers should not be allowed to teach in our public schools… makes one wonder how we, as a nation, have come to this point.  From where did these elected officials come? Mars?

It is times like these when I often reflect on my own life and try to understand why some people in power use that power for unbelievable authoritarian ploys. Kind of reminds me of the times when I was much younger and my parents used to tell me, “Because I said so.” I remember thinking back then, “but why?”  So here I am, in my adult life, attempting to make sense of out of all the nonsense I keep hearing, reading, and seeing across this nation. When did this country become so dumbed down that we take every unscrupulous action and deed as the truth and ultimate reality of the here and now in this nation? Even while we hear the words, read the lips, and internally are digesting the bitter bile of the mouth diarrhea (from these elected officials), some of us nod our heads in unison and somehow believe what they’re telling us. How is this possible, I wonder. How can relatively intelligent-thinking people become so willingly enslaved by the hate and nonsense propaganda spewed from these representatives? To make matters worse, these people have harnessed the power of rhetorical “news” talking heads (Beck, Limbaugh, Dobbs, etc.), who act as virtual mockingbirds that repeat and propagate every ounce of unethical, immoral behavior and so-called facts “as the way and the light” of life in these United States.

Is it a mutating virus? If I were twittering right now, the above mentioned paragraph would be one of those “OMG!” moments, because it’s so incredibly unbelievable…but you can’t make this stuff up. The more you begin to see the layers peeled away from the rhetoric and nonsense, we begin to get a clearer and unabridged image of the emperor without his clothes. The nakedness and volatility of these radical pundits paints a rough and distasteful picture of the darker side of American society. Suddenly, we begin to see the lack of civility, compassion, and rationality in these United States of America. Ironically, it’s not just some of the talking heads and political officials who’ve taken these public stances, it’s infected members of clergy (i.e. Pastor Steven Anderson of Arizona), and unfortunately, the average American citizen.

Who are these people? If you’d told me 15 years ago that there’d be a conservative right-wing group re-writing the bible to suit their needs by removing so-called “liberal passages”, that there would be religious leaders praying for the death of our president, that US Congressmen would be committing open treason against this Nation, that American citizens would be marching in the streets and at town halls across the country yelling Nazi slurs and secession rants, armed with semi-automatic weapons , that an innocent US census worker would be found murdered with the word “FED” scrawled on his chest — all the while having representatives like Eric Cantor preaching the woes of the public option and how cancer-plagued patients can apply for charity; and watching conservative right-wing groups gregariously applauding the loss of prospects for the US Olympics coming to Chicago (and to the US), I would’ve rolled my eyes and said, “Not in a million years…” But here we are today. We barely coexist in an extremely divided Nation. And the saddest part of it all is that the only thing that comes close to this crazy, alternative reality is the film, Idiocracy, where “In modern society, natural selection has become indifferent toward intelligence, so that in a society in which intelligence is systematically debased, stupid people easily out-breed the intelligent, creating, over the course of five centuries, an irredeemably dysfunctional society.”  Are we at that point yet? No, but we’re headed that way.

We cannot, as a nation, be so sadistically twisted that we allow our US Representatives to undermine the POTUS and betray the United States with open treason. Are we mute, deaf, dumb, and blind? No. There still are, I hope, a majority of sane and sound citizens who want to make this nation a productive, positive place in which to live…but I digress.

Abraham Lincoln (Google Images)

Abraham Lincoln (Google Images)

President Abraham Lincoln so rightfully said, A house divided against itself cannot stand.Today, that statement is truer than ever before. How long must we sustain the bruit force mentality and ideology of the right wing fanatics?  Even more, how long until this country crumbles like a deck of cards because we have allowed this lunacy to fester as long as it already has? I hope and pray that we have not yet crossed that threshold beyond the point of no return. But have we done so, I stand on the side of humanity, compassion, freedom, and equality of all people. There cannot exist a shadow government within the Federal government; and if so be done, Lincoln’s profound words will eventually become the call to action for peace makers in this nation once again.

Thoughts to ponder…


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