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What is a Paradigm Shift?

A paradigm shift is when a significant change happens – usually from one fundamental view to a different view. In most cases, some type of major discontinuity occurs as well.

Thomas Kuhn wrote about paradigm shift during the early 1960s, and explained how “series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions” caused “one conceptual world view to be replaced by another view.”

In laymen terms, paradigm shift is a popular, or perhaps, not so popular shift or transformation of the way we Humans perceive events, people, environment, and life altogether. It can be a national or international shift, and could have dramatic effects — whether positive or negative — on the way we live our lives today and in the future.

Paradigm Shift: A Summary

In today’s society, we’ve all witnessed a major shift already. When we look back upon counterculture (More information here: Counterculture), we trace some of the origins to the definition of “Paradigm Shift.”

cbl-clipart-peaceDuring the counterculture era (1960s-1970s), younger generations opposed authority and were very much at odds with society’s accepted belief systems and standards of living. In the counterculture movement (fueled by the Vietnam War), social conservatives were deemed “social repressionists.”

The enlightening paradigm shift exploded into innovative ideas about religion, society and spirituality, notwithstanding traditional Western ideologies.

In today’s society, we see a shift toward a more blinded-oppresionistic view; breed by censorship. The ironic juxtapositions between the paradigm shift of nearly half a century ago and society’s youth today are chillingly revelational.

Youth’s opposition to authority may not have always been in the best interest of humanity; however, it was the paradigm shift that led to revolutionary changes that improved racial tensions and relationships, opened communication lines to outside nations, and ended the Vietnam War.

The end result included varying degrees of negative and positive transformations that allowed people to open their hearts and minds to multicultural diversity; and promoted liberty and freedom — on the flip side of the shift, there was increased promiscuity, higher divorce rates, higher drug use, and imposed socialistic views and applications of welfare systems.

Today’s Paradigm Shift

cbl-sundialIn lieu of recent times; however, a paradigm shift has been evolving. Have you been paying attention? Youth — today, is seemingly under the hypnotic spell of invisible censorship. What is “invisible censorship?” Local news stations often report half-truths, or biased news reports in relation to national and international events; including: environmental, global, and political reports. Many traditional educational systems are imposing personal political views upon students; and incorporate these beliefs and attitudes into instructional plans. Other invisible censorship is the fact that many events are brushed under the rug and are not given adequate media coverage as opposed to propaganda-style news.

So, in essence, what does this paradigm shift translate to with regard to human life and environmental habits? What could be the possible outcome of such dynamic and interventional metamorphosis?

Your thoughts?

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Paradigm Shift: A Summary
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd


Note: Above article had been published in 2005 by various websites.



  1. I personally feel we are in a transitional phase, but, although it will be scripted as an advanced new way of doing things, it will in essence be a retrograded shift to a more nationalist ideology within a family of like national ideologies. IMHO the whole global family construct was a disastrous economic blunder sold under a guise of an epic humanist advent, when in reality it was nothing more than an attempt to expand and exploit markets. The shift has to be away from this mentality. You will never eliminate the monetary monomaniacal supremacy that has upstaged almost all of the value systems of society, but the two can coexist, but it will require latitude and honesty, two things that are virtually non-existent today’s political arena. and what we are going to see I believe is a revaluation of the quality elements of life. re-appreciation of culture craftsmanship and quality of life. How and when is very difficult to predict. But it will occur. that my thought on it anyway.

  2. The shift, whichever way it comes, must be exactly as you say: away from the mentality of expanding and exploiting markets. Unfortunately, too, we cannot eliminate the monetary monomaniacal supremacy…but perhaps we, as a collaborative whole, can hold them at bay. Maybe. Hopefully you are correct in your thinking that the overall quality of life will change for the better… but even baby steps in this direction is taking a monumental effort. I still pray and hope it will come sooner than later. Thx 4 your insightful feedback, Alex. 😉

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