Posted by: CarolAnn | August 24, 2009

6 Hot Twitter Conversations on Twitter… and then some

Twitter is the place to be if you’re conducting online marketing, public polling, recipe sharing, opinion exchanges, or straightforward dialogue…but what if you’re the little guy and you’re just starting out a new twitter site to test the sometimes intrepid waves of the twitter surf?  Here are some of the hot twitter conversations that grace the proverbial twitter ocean:

6.  Acronyms.

"Please Tell Me More"

"Please Tell Me More"

If you don’t know how to speak twitter language, now is the critical time to brush up your twitter communication skills. When you’ve posted a link to an article you wrote (on twitter, of course) and someone responds with “PTMM,” refer to your handy-dandy twitter lingo site so you’ll be able to answer quickly and correctly.

5. Fame and fortune. Whether it’s tweets about Ashton Kutcher’s mosquito net campaign or CNN’s latest breaking news…and some other big name sites, too; you will probably read about what or who Oprah Winfrey or Ellen Degeneres are going to be fecbl-celebrity-tweet-prnt-scrnaturing on their shows, or where Justin Timberlake or Martin Luther are going to be playing, among others. One site geared towards twitter; in particular, encourages users to “Stalk Celebrities on Twitter!”  (I wouldn’t go that far!) But hey, if you want the latest advice from Cesar Millan on how to rear Brutus, your killer Pomeranian, you can tune into his animal-friendly tweets. 

4.  History and Philosophy. We all can stand a little get-up-and-go in the mornings. Besides caffeine, some of the greatest (and not-so-great) quotes and impromptu catch phrases grace the twitterverse pages. From Albert Einstein to Benjamin Franklin, to Bonaparte – rest assured that you’re going to get an eyeful of beneficial micro-bit quotes from history’s most prolific speakers and philosophers. If you haven’t shared your own favorite, now’s a good time to offer up a slice of history, insight or wisdom.

3.  Online Entrepreneurial opportunities. cbl-sales-gimmickSad as it may seem, there are just as many scam artists on twitter as there are in everyday life. Though most of these biz-whiz peeps are on the up-and-up; and most certainly offer individuals a new outlook on enterprising ideas and food for thought, be sure to read the fine print before signing up for the latest “be in business for yourself” gimmick.  If it’s genuine and guaranteed to earn you six-digit incomes, then it shouldn’t cost you hundreds of dollars for a startup. Bear in mind, too: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

2.  Current events. Whether you’re into politics or other news media stories, it’s almost always guaranteed that you’re going to get updates on Iran, the war, the president, the economy, and other related hot-trigger topics. It’s really a no-brainer. Just like any other social networking venue (real time or net-time), you’re bound to read someone’s opinion on today’s news. Some folks are quite passionate about their personal views; and that’s fine as long as these views don’t become personal attacks. Word to the wise: tread lightly on current events because they may land you into hot water with some of your followers. But just in case you want to follow some of your political role models, don’t forget to check out President Barack Obama, or CNN news’ political journalist, Anderson Coopergo ahead and indulge yourselves.

1. Twitter. twitternewWhat’d you think I was going to say, FaceBook? (Just kidding, I like FaceBook, too!) Nah, twitter is the number one hot conversation on twitter for a number of reasons. For starters, there are many individuals who have taken a fresh step onto the twitter playground, and learning how to facilitate it in the most unique and unusual ways is what makes twitter a hot topic item.  Nobody wants to be the dork on the twitter scene, so as in improvisation; newbies fill their pallet with loads of twitter info. The more, the better…or so it seems.,, and (and others) offer loads of twitter tools, tips, apps, and other innovative twitter how-tos to feed your twitter brain with a lifetime of twitter topics.

Of course, the whole purpose of twitter (at least initially) is about you!

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Where are you going?
  3. Who do you idolize?
  4. What are your goals?
  5. What defines your purpose? and
  6. Who do you want to be?

On twitter, the sky’s the limit!

Happy Tweeting!

CarolAnnB – Social Media Sorceress


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