Posted by: CarolAnn | August 11, 2009

5 Tweeting Personalities in a Twitter World

You’ve been tweeting for weeks, even months…and still no positive responses or feedback on your twitter posts? Here are five tweeter personalities that you may have to restrain or unleash to get your groove on in a twitter…rather, social media world!

1. Are you a “Natty Nancy”? cbl-gnatYou know the little flying net worker that buzzes all about the twittosphere with everything but nothing? Stuffing single-sided opinions and vocalizations all across twitter (and other social media networks) is not traditionally the way to win- over followers. The concept of social media networking is to both give and take. We’ve got to be open to new ideas, thoughts, words, even constructive criticism from time to time. When all we do is provide unnecessary chatter, the volume gets too high and instead of attracting positive feedback and building a productive social network, we begin talking “over each other” and not “with each other.”

2. Are you the Klutzy Karl in the twittosphere? There are a few hopeful peeps on the Twitter Express, who are sincerely trying to figure out the best way to communicate on Twitter, among other social media networks. cbl-foxBut try as they might, they keep falling flat on their “virtual faces” in spite of their good-intended spirit and amiable posts. Why do they keep stumbling over their own words? First, let me say that twitter is a formidable beast of burden – one day, there’s advice that you should be careful and thoughtful about what you tweet; the next day, you’re getting news how twitter is a fun networking tool that shouldn’t bare much weight of thought. Let’s whittle away the miscommunication here: Common sense peeps. Use it when you’re talking among the twitter populace. Think of yourself in a big auditorium. You’re mingling, sharing your product or services, or maybe just your personal experiences…how do you approach strangers? Proceed with caution but equal optimism.

3. Happy Henry? Now I personally love the “Happy Henry’s” on twitter. They’re typically optimistic, full of enthusiasm, and usually know how to bring people up when they’re feeling not-so-good about themselves. cbl-happyhenryHe’s the same guy that walks into the cubicle in the morning with a bright smile on his face that has you wondering, “What did he do last night to make him this happy?” He’s the go-to guy when your favorite pet ran away, you’ve lost your job, or you’re just a bit under the weather. He’s so happy all the time, that no matter what you throw his way, he’s going to respond with something productive and positive. He’s got his groove on in the twitter world and knows how to use it wisely and emphatically.

4. Mimic everything that everyone on twitter says? You might be a Parroting Paula. cbl-parrotWhile we all appreciate an “RT” (retweet) on twitter from our followers, if all you’re doing is retweeting posts, it says nothing about who you are except the fact that you like to mimic the status quo. Ask questions, read the posts, bring your insights and comments to the twitter table; and after you’ve done all that, then retweet the post and signify that you’ve left your feedback…or perhaps share another interesting post that may relate to the initial tweet.

5. Angry Adam just doesn’t cut the draft. If you logon to twitter and your @ messages are filled with hate replies; or you’re the guy, who lives to seek and destroy every single message that comes across your TweetDeck, Twhirl, HootSuite, TweetGrid, or from twitter, itself – then you’re probably not going to attract a lot of people to your social media network. Remcbl-angry-adamember this: Smile and the world smiles with you; cry and you cry alone. It can be mighty lonely for those of us, who choose to promote hatred, bigotry, and continuous streams of maddened outcries. Yeah, we can share an outburst every now and then about the bee that stung us, or the crazy guy who cut us off in traffic, or maybe even how mad you got when you stubbed your toe on the front door stop. The most important thing to realize is that twitter is a social platform where we all need to get along to some degree – that’s how networking works!

Happy Tweeting!

CarolAnnB – Social Media Sorceress



  1. Yaa, I agree with U.

  2. I truly agree with you. 🙂

  3. Well sounds like all of those are negative twitter personalities. What would be recommended for a positive personality? be myself?

  4. Great review. R U saying mimic Happy Harry to be the best Tweeter, or is there yet another personality that is also effective?

  5. Hi Consensus – 🙂 Thx 4 taking the time to read and respond! While I do so love the “Happy Henrys” on twitter, I believe the overall message is that we have to learn by hands-on application to “unleash or restrain” some of our diverse characters.

    We all have a little Natty Nancy, Angry Adam, Happy Henry, Klutzy Karl, and Parroting Paula in our personal makeup — how we execute our own feed and responsiveness is measured by the weight of our replies and followers. Balance of all these personality types is really the ultimate key to enhancing your presence and integrity on twitter…and all social media networking sites, for that matter. 🙂

  6. Hi Robert – thx 4 stopping by and pointing out two very important aspects: Perception and “being yourself.” A positive personality will often integrate all parts of the whole character to reach people on many different levels.

    How you perceive personality traits may help you to embrace or reject certain individuals. That’s actually human nature. As a general but unwritten rule, our perception of people is typically the turning point as to whether or not we’re going to accept them as our counterparts.

    While some of the above traits may be negatively received (rather, perceived), a good splash of variety is the essential ingredient in any dialogue — online or in real life. Being yourself is good as long as you take note from some of the positive leaders on twitter. Watch and learn from super communicators like @GuyKawasaki @MRHYPERPCS @StevenZimm @GinaLaGuardia @StoryLet or @Lawton_chiles, among many other civil and well-versed tweeters. 😉

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  8. very nice post . Like it so much

  9. Social networks are so good as well as bad

  10. very beautiful post like it very much , All the best for the nest one.

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