Posted by: CarolAnn | July 27, 2009

Do, Re, Me of Tweeting – Music to Twitter Ears

Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La…twi-do!

cbl-musicOkay, so it’s really not sung that way – but just for the fun of it, let’s give twitter a jingle. Birds sing in harmony and why shouldn’t twitter? The uniqueness of this melody is to give twittizens a simple but effective platform to building a solid twitter following – now that’s music to anyone’s ears!

How, you ask? That’s easy. If you sing, “Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do;” (Bet you were just singing it to yourself, weren’t you?) you discover that this eight-syllable song has rhythm, flow, and it’s easy on the “virtual ears.” It’s also the foundational tune that musicians and vocalists facilitate when readying for practice. The coolest part is that most of us learned this little ditty when we were participating in music class during grammar school. But the impact of this modest rhyme is quite dynamic when you really think about it in relation to tweeting.

Like Jimi asked, “Are you experienced?” Hendrix wanted his listeners to truly appreciate and experience his music — so is the way of twitter. If you’re just “hearing” twitter posts, then you’re not really experiencing it the way it was intended.

Now don’t get uptight over “experiencing” twitter like Jimi’s music. Jimi basically wanted people to use all their senses to discover his world of music…and that is how the average twitter user should attempt to explore twitter. In two words: Stay open-minded (alright…maybe three).

No, we might not be able to “smell” an aroma on twitter, but a good narrator and communicator can describe banana crème pie and peach sorbet to his audience in less than 140 characters. Twitter is the sweet and sour sauce of the social networking pot. It takes a lot of ingredients to get out the right flavor. When you do, you capture the infamous Hendrix experience across your twitter page like lightening in a jar.

Overall, there really are no clear-cut rules on precisely what or how much you should tweet or counter-tweet. Typically, I like to mix a cornucopia of music, articles, art, poetry, pics, and cross-communication over several tweeting sessions. It keeps the mind open and free-flowing; much like Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Twi-do…consequently, twitter sessions that would make Jimi proud.

CarolAnnB Social Media Sorceress



  1. I totally agree, I guess we are always tryin’ to get in tune with others,in sense of rhyming with others,resounding with others words and thought. Twitter is a big experience of expression.

  2. Indeed it is, Marcello. I tried to put this into that perspective so people can facilitate it the best possible way. Glad u liked the post! 😉 Peace

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