Posted by: CarolAnn | July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson: Learning how to find Peace through Celebrity Lives

To many of us, Michael Jackson was an extraordinarily talented, multifaceted entertainer. Though he may have been viewed as eccentric, he was an individual who always attempted (and achieved) to facilitate his tremendous popularity to bring awareness and enlightenment to the masses for causes like leukemia, AIDS, and hunger, among others.

While not all of us share his super-celebrity status, Michael left us with a peaceful and gentle spirit that we all are capable of achieving ourselves. That spirit is embodied in his countless songs on humanity — especially, “We are the World.” We can learn very positive principles about the man-child many now refer to in death, as the “Man in the Mirror.”

Spanning the globe, Jackson’s music touched and crossed generations upon generations. Many venerated him, many didn’t understand him – but while his private life may have appeared to be veiled in secrecy, his public life spoke volumes to the multitudes. Jackson’s heart was in the right place. His intention was to live in peace with the world, and his values were conveyed through the songs that he wrote and sang.

Jackson sang, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. And no message could have been any clearer: If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change.”

Whether a Jackson fan or not, one has to admit that the man stirred millions with his clever and sometimes outlandish antics; not to mention his ability to bring people from all walks of life together for a common cause — that’s called creative genius at work. Do you have a creative genius in you? Yes! That’s the great news – we all have the ability to achieve greatness and inner peace in our lives when we put our soul power to work for us. Like Jackson, we must awaken our inner child so that we too, can rediscover joy and the childlike awareness that allows us to see all things with a fresh set of eyes. You see, Jackson was often referred to as the “man-child” simply because he was always in the process of trying to recapture his youth. We don’t have to go to those extremes; but when we compose the right amount of clarity with imagination and intuitive knowingness, we can find and maintain inner peace in our lives.

To begin the process of change and to truly find peace in life, you need look no further than your own reflection. That’s what Michael Jackson did. We can learn a lot about our own lives by looking at our own images in the mirror. Beyond the veil of our human shell dwells the spirit of a beautiful soul just waiting to bust out from its physical armor.

Jackson lived in the moment of now. Once at peace with yourself, you will positively transform yourself inwardly (and outwardly), and begin to magnetically connect with all positive things, people, and events. If we can take one thing away from the loss of this super icon, it is that we must not live in the past, nor worry about the future — we must first live in the present moment of now to experience and relay the joy of our inner child. That’s how you make the world a better place – by leaving it in a better place than what it was when you first came into it. And that, my friends, is how we find peace through celebrity lives…and all life.

CarolAnnBSocial Media Sorceress

R.I.P. Michael Jackson – 1958-2009

Gone too soon but leaving you with one of his greatest achievements…



  1. A tender response. Thank You.

  2. Thx, Dom — I’m a Michael Jackson fan – always will be. Controversial as he may have been to some, he transformed and impacted the attitudes and lives of many positively. 😉 Peace

  3. Michael Jackson’s antics made me laugh at times although many felt his actions were inappropriate; the funny faces in court, the dancing on top of the SUV where he risked taking a tumble in front of his fans… I’ve always felt he had a sense of humour as well as a sense of wonder at life…I along with many will dearly miss him….

  4. I agree. Michael will be missed by many, but the legacy he’s left in this world will live on forever. Thx for stopping by my friend; always nice to hear from you. 😉

  5. Thank you CarolAnn for a touching tribute to this beautiful and talented humanitarian artist. I wholeheartedly agree! What makes me angry is how people are still able to trash talk him. It is hurtful to hear it, and it brings out a boisterous response, like I have to keep standing up for someone who was wrongly accused, and that is all some people care to remember. Why not give him credit for the good things he accomplished and keep the positive energy flowing in the internets! Thank you for your words and acknowledgement for one of my favorite people!

  6. I agree. Sometimes, even the dead can get no rest when vile hatred is spewed from the mouths of the living. However, I believe that he’s finally found peace; since he could have none while he was alive. He truly was a multi-talented, compassionate humanitarian. Thx 4 taking the time to stop by & leave your positive feedback. 😉 – Peace

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