Posted by: CarolAnn | July 6, 2009


Every precious moment, every precious day
every simple second, every breath we take
Searching for tomorrow in every sun’s ray
searching for light and love in every day

cbl-childAnd as we look upon
today and yesterday
memories from our lives
simply seem to fade away

Tender, little moments
Oh, how the decades pass
The best times of our lives
as sands through an hourglass

Close your eyes and you will find
the child within that screams
Live and love in all you do
for tomorrow will fade to dreams

Of sorrows and sadness
of trials and transition
of happiness and tears
of joy and premonition

Of tomorrow’s light
and hope…silent hope
Of prayers and prosperity
Fluid light within our souls

See – today is an illusion
of all that we hold dear
as we tread into another day
everyday shall pass time’s sphere

In so little time, we reminisce
everyday from a journal of time
Yet the key to life and all we need
Has always been within our sight

For to truly see and feel life’s light
as we travel our special path
Is to love and bask in every single day
Small, precious time is all we have.

by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd
Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved

CarolAnnB – Social Media Sorceress



  1. I am really not much on long poems, they tend to run out of brevity before the end. But I really enjoyed this it held my attention through out. I found it absolutely moving and philosophically sound and succinct. The image you used is perfect and just adorable.


  2. Thx, Charles — always appreciate thoughtful feedback like this! 🙂 Feel free to stop by any time and leave your comments. XOXOXO

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