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FREE 9-Step Plan for Building a Successful Online Business

Hold the presses! You don’t have to buy into a gimmick online sales pitch to get rich quick. In fact, most “get-rich-quick” gimmicks are exactly that – gimmicks!

In today’s economic environment, every one wants to become an entrepreneur to create a prosperous and rewarding lifestyle. Out of desperation or lack of financial funding, many unsuspecting individuals get sucked into scam business deals that promise wealth and opulence with little or no effort. In the real business world, however, it takes 99 percent perspiration and one percent inspiration to truly initiate the professional life you want to lead.

There are fundamental guidelines that individuals can follow to potentially create and develop a successful online business. In addition to a splash of creativity, a pinch of motivation, and a dab of know-how, you too, can generate real Internet popularity and traffic; which in turn, will convert to sales in whatever niche you possess and upon which you choose to capitalize.

Step 1: Research and analyze the contextual needs of your Website. In order to determine your search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy needs, you have to truly understand your product or service; and in what direction you need to go to attract your target market. For instance, if you choose to sell health care supplements, you must do your homework on the various health care divisions like alternative medicine, conventional medicine, and natural healing medicine to connect your audience with the necessity of your product and/or services. If you’re selling coQ10, you’ll want to provide extensive research on the product, for what health issues it is facilitated, side effects, supplement benefits, associated journalistic interviews with leading researchers and health care providers, and why folks need your specific product above others. Relative, quality content is key to driving consumers to your site. The more you provide on each topic, the faster search engines and web consumers will find you.

Who can use my products and services?

Who can use my products and services?


Step 2: Produce and distribute professional press releases. We’ve all seen the headlines scrolling across the bottom of our television screens with the latest breaking news. That’s what press releases are all about. We want prospective consumers to patron our online businesses, but we can hardly attract them if we don’t have an innovative way to introduce them to what we offer. There are numerous free PR outlets on the Internet that enable you to generate a buzz about you and your business. Some of these free press release sites include,, and Of course there are other Websites that cater to your PR needs at cost, but being frugal is what allows you the means to spend your hard-earned cash on other necessities of your online business.

Step 3: Produce and share your relevant and comprehensive content from your Website. As most of us in the online marketing business are aware, there are several article distribution Websites that allow you to upload your articles, poetry, and even artwork for little or no cost to you. Some of these sites include,, and quite a few others. Be sure to read all submission guidelines as these article libraries vary in how many links your articles may contain, placement of those links, minimum accepted length of articles, copyrights and privacy notices, among other stipulations. There is no cash money to be made from the distribution of these articles; however, the more your content is redistributed by other relevant Websites, the more branded your online business will become.

Step 4: Distribute your Website URLs to respective search engines. As the World Wide Web continues to expand, so does the multitude of search engines. From AOL to Yahoo!, you must invest a little time to submit your URLs. If you want Google to crawl your website, it has to know it exists. That’s how pertinent it is to submit your links to these big search engines. But webmaster be wary, because there are some faux search engines that pretend to act like the well-known DMOZ, which can actually cause more harm than good. Always check the URL of the search engine submission page to know you are where you are supposed to be.

Step 5: Develop mutually productive reciprocal link partnerships.  Again, this is one of those hands-on projects you will need to research before you start contacting potential link partners. If you want to build your consumer base, you really need to think about whom it is you want to attract; and how to best gauge other partner sites to determine their efficacy in mutually benefiting you and them. For example, if you sell model airplane kits on your Website, you should link to aviation-related Websites that are conducive to your product. Obviously, you may not want to link with a direct competitor; but in some instances, that works out well, too. That, of course, depends on the type of professional relationship you’ve established with the opposing site. Remember, open-mindedness is also elemental in growing your Website. If you’re willing to barter links with other associated Websites, the more well-known you’ll become. In addition, you should appraise the prospective partner site’s Google page rank and review the reciprocal links that are listed on the site. If the candidate Website has hundreds of irrelevant links, or has a “0” page rank, you may wish to rethink your choice.

Step 6: Create and develop an interactive blog site. If you really want to brand your online business and improve your search engine ranking on the World Wide Web, invest time in your blog site. Today, there are several online blog catalysts where you can start your virtual adventure to success., eBlogger, and others offer personal and professional Internet tools to get you underway. If you don’t have a special template, you can always use the templates that are freely available to you. However, having a trademark image or avatar is always the best policy to connect your blog to your Website. Sell children’s books for a living? Then a blog site is the perfect venue to publish book reviews, reader reactions, about the author section, who’s who in children books, story lead-ins, and more. Get creative with your blog. Don’t make it all about you and your products. Add a dash of comedy, an ounce of humility, and a touch of curiosity, and you’re well on your way to attracting phenomenal traffic. Don’t forget to dab your posts with relative keywords and phrases so search engines realize that you’re not just selling garbage – but real, quality information.

Step 7: Create and develop social media sites. When you brand your online business proficiently, you will successfully trademark your products and/or services. One of the many ways to trademark your online business is to build a well-thought-out social network. Among the larger social media networks that many online businesses facilitate include my personal favorite, Twitter; FaceBook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, YouTube, MySpace, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. The larger you expand your network; the more difficult it may seem to manage all of these accounts. However, if you set up a account; (which supports 40 social networking sites) you can most certainly post daily tidbits with one swipe. Remember, the larger your network, the further your reach to prospective leads and sales contacts/partnerships.

Step 8: Monitor your online business. In this instant-gratification, one-tenth of a second, consumer generation, you need to stay on your toes at all times. Monitor your website and the Internet for fresh and innovative keywords and phrases so you can tweak and optimize your site as often as necessary. Don’t forget to continue expanding your breadth of knowledge in your area of expertise by adding unique and relevant content. As a consumer myself, I’m always looking for the next big story or resource. Wikipedia exemplifies this savvy online strategy by continually updating and recreating the information they host onsite. Within hours (if not minutes) of news-breaking stories, user-editors are revising content to keep it fresh and on the front page. That’s how successful online businesses stay online and in business.

Step 9: Last but not least, have no fear. cbl-courageIt takes courage to overcome the hiccups of any business strategy. Trial and error are always the best ways to measure and discover what works best for you and your business. No successful professional will ever tell you that he got to the top without a glitch. We live by integrity, we learn by humility, and we succeed through motivation. 


FREE 9-Step Plan for Building a Successful Online Business
By CarolAnnBSocial Media Sorceress



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