Posted by: CarolAnn | June 23, 2009

Shades of Mystical Delight

I’m beginning a segment where I share guest author poems and articles for my philosophical site. One of my favorite online writers and all-around good guy friend is Michael Levy. He adds light to the darkness, and clarity where there is haze. Read his inspiring poem, Shades of Mystical Delight that Michael shares with me this day:

Shades of Mystical Delight

Students of enlightenment contemplate

forces that infiltrate the mortal tick,

thinking intellect will not grasp – authentic reflections,

perhaps, it may sense a few tangible echoes,

finding significance in sensations,

since true essence exists without form,

no proof can locate its demeanor,

some may pay close attention,

listening with ears will not determine its voice,

it exists without sound, balance with no speakers,

some may try to catch hold of its pristine virtue,

momentary feelings of mounting enjoyment may heighten,

it exists without touch,

out of compass, but still in orbit,

shadows glide in fantastic, colorful impressions,

imagination gaze on elegant beauty,

treasure grains – par excellent,

non can see it with eyes open,

it exists without sight,

aspects of devotion – whispering visions,

non can capture it for more than an instant,

enrapturing discreet aromas linger around earth,

specks of fluorescent enchantment dance,

magnetic cosmic scent filter – pole to pole,

aromatic mystery of fragrance waltz beyond nostrils,

the air breaths in its own delicate flavor,

shades of mystical delight,

oceans roll a-wake … unfathomable fascination,

mere mortals transcend moments – time in a mysterious paradise,

in essences, beyond thought,

eternally to have, forever to hold.

In Love and Joy
Michael Levy Professional optimist

“All cures are found in truth, so who hides it”
– Michael Levy
Point of Life Inspirational Radio Show – The Power of Premonitions.

Published with permission.



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