Posted by: CarolAnn | June 16, 2009

Silent Mirages

Icicle comas suspended in space
Like mystical teardrops, fallen from grace
icicleEnchanted by illusion of historical planes
Holding onto tonight, as we grasp life’s reigns

Pleading with temptation, as a gnome, at play
Entranced by passion and plans that we’ve made
Oh, but to wander and stand in delay
Embarking on tomorrow and prices we’ve paid

Light that dims in echoing chorus
Shimmers through ice like wind in dark forests
Show me kaleidoscopes, fanning life’s flame
And I’ll show you a rainbow that dances in vain

Only to be remembered by solace and beauty
Mere seconds evolved through clouds of lucidity
Calm and awakening as waves rush to shore
Crashing in violence upon life’s door

Knocking and piercing still hearts that cry
“Wake up, breathe light!” It screams, “Take flight!”
And to discover sweet life, within our core
In solitude, we pray for an open door

Another icicle coma, suspended in space
Mystical teardrops, fallen from grace
Ceasing life’s clenches, as stone in calm streams
Penetrating resistance in silent mirages, we call dreams.


Copyright  – ALL Rights Reserved
Silent Mirages

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

CarolAnnBSocial Media Sorceress



  1. Thanks for sharing your work, this was a fun read.

  2. Hi Vic, glad you enjoyed the poem. Like poetry? Stay tuned b/c I’m planning on giving away my poetry eBook for free to registered commentors on my site. 😉

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