Posted by: CarolAnn | May 27, 2009

Who’s Your Daddy? 10 Reasons You may be a Twitter-Addict

If you consider yourself a twitter connoisseur, then you’re already addicted to this monster social media networking site. But the fact that you’re reading this post says that Reason Number 1: When you read all the latest twitter news, features and tips, you’re probably addicted to twitter.

Reason Number 2: All your in-person conversations begin with “did you @ (at) so and so?” or “I just tweeted about…”

Reason Number 3: When you start writing an actual letter or email, you automatically condense sentences to short-hand writing with twitter key symbols. (Check out the following examples.)


*Remember, if you’ve begun writing letters twitter-style, than you may be a twitter addict.


Reason Number 4: If you’ve begun sending messages from your mobile phone asking other twitterers “What’s going on in the twitterverse today?” You may be a twitter addict.

Reason Number 5: You might be addicted to twitter because when you write poetry, you’ve gone away from traditional poems to dedicate all your literary creativity towards short poems like Haikus.

Reason Number 6: When you automatically pull up the tinyurl website to transcribe a link for posting on twitter, you might be a twitter addict.

Reason Number 7: If you’re sitting in a restaurant, walking in a park, or grocery shopping and you see something that you’d like to “tweet about,” you might be addicted to twitter.

Reason Number 8: When you’ve integrated all of your other Websites, blogs, or social media networks (i.e., FaceBook, MySpace, FriendFeed, YouTube, etc.) to include your “tweet stream” from twitter, you may be a twitter addict.

Reason Number 9: When you get all your news information from your twitter stream, like CNN Breaking News, you may be addicted to twitter. And finally…

Reason Number 10 why you may be a twitter addict: Instead of sharing photographs with family and friends through email and snail-mail, you post them on twitpic or yfrog where the whole world can see.

Oh yeah…if you begin dreaming about the crazy robot or fail whale attacking you at night — that might be an indication that you could be a twitter addict. 🙂

tweetbird2CarolAnnB – Social Media Sorceress


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