Posted by: CarolAnn | May 18, 2009

4 Twitter Gizmos that Create Tantalizing Tweets!

What makes Twitter so cool are all the unique gizmos you can use to create a super-fun twittering experience. In addition to TweetDeck, Twitterholic, and TwitterGrader, there are other phenomenal social media networking tools that allow you to integrate and recreate your tweeting time. Among some of my picks are the following four gizmos that help you create tantalizing tweets:




FriendFeed is like a super-generic version of Twitter, and it has a few extra novelties. For example, when you post your pictures on FriendFeed, you actually get to see them in the stream of posts. Like twitter, FriendFeed allows you to create and join groups, follow people, comment, share (retweet), favorite an item, and even hide an item. On FriendFeed, you can post from your mobile phone, share your activities on FaceBook, receive IM notifications, and even get FriendFeed updates right onto your desktop. To boot, if you really like FriendFeed, you can purchase FriendFeed items from the FriendFeed store!




Download Twhirl, next select the *service you’d like to access (*Choices include twitter and FriendFeed, among others). Enter your twitter username, and then click return. Now, highlight your account and click “connect.” Watch your media player-like box appear on your screen and see the magic happen affront of your eyes. This is an all-in-one social media application that allows you to check replies, archives, DMs (direct messages), favorites, replies to you, friends/followers, search, and even photo uploads (direct to your TwitPic acct). Working away from your Twhirl screen? That’s okay — if you get a reply (or just updates), a small box in the corner of your laptop or desktop screen will pop up and let you know that you’ve got a message. While you’re on your Twhirl home box, you can easily respond to followers by scrolling your mouse over the Twitter avatar – choose from reply, retweet, favorite, or send direct msg. Don’t like the default colors of your Twhirl player? Click on the colors’ tab, and choose the color you like best — in addition, you can set your Twhirl player to your desired language as well.




Ah, the elusive heart, the cool airplane, your sun sign? Yep, TwitterKeys has it and you can use it on both twitter and This handy-dandy Twitter gizmo doesn’t even have to be downloaded. Simply go to TwitterKeys and copy and paste the symbol you want to use in your post. That’s it. Since I’ve saved this cool page in my favorites, all I have to do is pull it up and viola — I’m off to copying and pasting smiley faces, the sun, moon, and yeah…even the stars.


TwiHaiku for Twitter

TwiHaiku for Twitter

Are you a poet and don’t know it? Check out TwiHaiku – the poet’s essential social media hotspot, where you can create your poetic blog site. Post and share your literature, poems, and tweets. When you publish your destined-for-fame haiku on this unique online network, TwiHaiku’s Twitter page automatically tweets about your latest and greatest literary work.

The more you twitter, the more you learn…

CarolAnnB – Social Media Sorceress



  1. Thank you very much for shouting out TwiHaiku poetry channel, among other great Twitter tools. It was great honor indeed.

  2. Welcome! There are many twitter tools on the Web that some individuals would like to know about but don’t know if they exist or not — that’s why I attempt to discover sites like TwiHaiku, and others to help folks facilitate the best of the web. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the feature.

  3. Try as an alternative to TwitterKeys

  4. Thx 4 the twitter tip! I’ll definitely be sure to check this site out and write a review on it, too. 😉

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