Posted by: CarolAnn | May 14, 2009

Deceptive Passage (Preamble)

Deceptive Passage by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

Deceptive Passage by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd


At the turn of the century, society was being introduced to the infinite possibilities of artificial life forms. It was during this time that an unsuspecting and innocently young couple from Vermont decided to take a leap into the unknown.

Their journey to another destination takes them on a ride they’ll soon never forget. Their decision will determine the fate of their lives and their unborn child…

Steady drops of rain pierced the cobblestone roads and ceramic rooftops in the dead of night. There, in a secluded breezeway, Josie sat; trembling with spine gripping chills.

The burning embers rumbled in the back of her mind. Just then, her father came rushing towards her with open arms. Clenching her mother’s crucifix near her heart, she slowly lifted her tired head. Her tearful eyes met his during the aftermath of the terror-ridden evening…

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