Posted by: CarolAnn | April 21, 2009

Twitter Express – the ALL NEW Twitter Hot Spot!



Welcome to #TwitterExpress — part of the ALL-NEW Twitter Hot Spot and weekly feature for extraordinary people on Twitter! Some of you may already be familiar with the #FollowFriday #TwitterExpress that combines music with unique tweeple to follow. In addition to that, each Tuesday, I’ll be selecting one of my interesting followers to feature on this blog. This particular feature is about real people, who make a genuine difference in the world one day at a time. Featured #TwitterExpress tweeple will also be included on my weekly #FollowFriday event!

This week’s featured #TwitterExpress rider is @IntuitionGirl.

IntuitionGirl on Twitter

IntuitionGirl on Twitter

Also known as Joan Marie, the Gift — Intuition Girl has been featured on Whoopi Goldberg’s Wake Up with Whoopi ; and has a long list of media appearances including NBC’s Good Morning Jacksonville with Patty Crosby; This Morning on CBS in Palm Springs, CA; and UPN/Fox News in Los Angeles, among many others.

What makes the Intuition Girl an in-demand, public figure during these economic times is her foresight and genuine psychic abilities to read others. Joan Marie’s remarkable gift enables her to truly help individuals find direction and balance in life. Boasting a slue of testimonials from ordinary-everyday people to radio and television hosts across this Nation, Intuition Girl uses her gift in many extraordinary ways: Her multi-faceted works and services are comprised of one-on-one counseling, group sessions, her unique Manifestation Method, exclusive Lifestyle Makeover programs, and her best-selling book, “Soul Discovery – 9 Principles for Revealing your Sacred Gifts.”

The Intuition Girl has certainly left her footprint on the pages of time, and continues to do so by helping others tap into intuitive powers to manifest happiness and success in all areas of life. Whether individuals are seeking emotional healing, inner peace, wealth, or better health, Joan Marie has the inner wisdom and experience to get people where they need to go — both personally and professionally. If you’re not following IntuitionGirl on Twitter, now is the time to do so.

*If you would like to be featured on Tuesday’s #TwitterExpress, please DM me or @CarolAnnB with why you should be considered for this feature. (Please include link to your Website/Blog)


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