Posted by: CarolAnn | April 17, 2009

Morals to Live by

If you’ve ever had the honor of watching Disney’s “Angels in the Outfield,” starring Danny Glover, you must have been truly inspired. The story centers around two, foster children whom are endlessly hoping for a home to call their own. In the film, the older child, Roger pleads with his deadbeat dad to take him back. The father brushes his son off with a taunting response, “you can live with me when the Angels win the Penant” Roger, excitedly goes home and prays to God for the baseball team (the Angels) to win the Penant. He and his little foster freind, “JB,” attend an Angels’ game where suddenly, Roger begins seeing real angels in the outfield. Remarkably, the coach, “George Knox,” played by Danny Glover grows close to the two foster children as Roger helps him develop his team (by the angels he sees on the playing diamond). As time progresses and the “Angels” begin a winning streak toward the Penant, Roger’s dad relinquishes total custody of his son to the state and leaves the child feeling more abandoned than ever.

However, Coach Knox’s hardened personality is softened by the two boys. Eventually, he adopts the two comrades and the Angels do win the Penant.

The story, although fictional, has an important moral for all to follow. Sometimes, even our most profound hopes, desires and wishes do not always come to us the way we would expect them to. We pray, meditate and dream about anticipated outcomes — and when we don’t get the results we want, we automatically assume that all hope is lost or abandoned. shutterstock_276629322In all actuality, sometimes, the things we want the most in life don’t always happen in the manner which we wish them to occur. But somehow, a Higher Force always throws us a life preserve and pulls us from our drowning pools. You see, life isn’t always about getting what we desire…it is about desiring what we do get, and accepting outcomes that are sometimes — meant to be. Words to ponder.

Until then, take a break from life’s parols and watch “Angels in the Outfield.” It will give you a whole new perspective on life.



  1. I agree completely. I am finding myself more these trying to stop myself and realize how blessed and amazing how everything plays out. In the end it works out in every detail I did not or could not of thought of.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Throughout my life, I’ve learned that there are no “accidents” — only opportunities for change. I guess it’s difficult sometimes to see things that way when we (especially me) are in such a rush to meet a positive & productive end result. It’s never in our time, just “in time” for what we need to achieve and discover. Thx 4 stopping by to leave your comment. 🙂

  3. I don’t believe in accidents. There are only encounters in history. There are no accidents.

    – Elie Wiesel 1928-, Rumanian-born American Writer

  4. I can sure relate to the feeling of disappointment, right about now. I have tried really hard to create a certain lifestyle and to repair certain family relationships and it just didn’t work out like I planned. I feel a little sad and in dark moments, like a failure… but I am using the opportunity to see the beauty and “okayness” is what is… listening to my higher callings and appreciate all that I have done and gotten.

  5. Hi Brett, thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. Very recently, I’ve been going through my own life-altering event,; but despite my misgivings and sometime lapses of mental weakness to deal w/my life, I’m finding that being around positive people helps tremendously. Good support systems, even if only on twitter & other sm sites, can make the difference between survival and utter disparity. Keep your chin up – life has a way of working out the kinks and putting us in the right direction — more oft than not, in a better & more productive direction. 🙂

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